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Welcome everyone interested in Outdoor Activities.  Wow, our club along with many other organizations, completed our 10th annual event. There were plenty of smiles and good times had while learning safety and know-how tips. We were fortunate enough to have had 89 out of the 96 registered students in attendance.

Although this program is a rain or shine event, the perfect weather made for an excellent day of great fun and learning. Many nice fish were caught providing a challenge for the trophy winners. This year’s students again rotated through 10 stations spending 45 minutes at each.  This contributes to our program being an all-day event starting at 7:00 am and ending at approximately 5:30 pm. After a lengthy day, we still had a group of ambitious kids ready for more! Many parents, group leaders and students expressed their thanks for the great opportunity to participate this year. I even received some thank you cards in the mail. This sure makes everyone feel better after all the hard work that goes into the planning and logistics for this program that happens all year long.

Let me clue you in on the ten stations this year. We offered fishing, archery, bait knowledge, ethics, helping wildlife (building feeders), casting, canoeing, bee life, ice fishing and knot tying.  The students had the experience of tying tails on darts. Participants had to make decisions on situations they were presented during the ethics station. Some of them made excellent choices and for those that did not, hopefully they will the next time they have to make a choice in the real world. Everyone spent time building a wildlife feeder that will hopefully enhance bird and small animal activity in their backyards. Canoeing is always popular and fun especially with the gorgeous weather we had that day.  The beekeeper was a new addition to the program this year. I heard many comment that this program was an exciting one! Both students and parents had many questions to ask. It is reassuring to know that we have some of our younger generation interested in outdoor activities while doing them safely and ethically. Parents were very grateful for the information provided and shared their thanks for the experiences that their children were involved in. Along with each child going home with a door prize and literature bag, students participated in a drawing for additional prizes. This was something special for the 10th anniversary!

I want to express my special thanks to our sponsors. Many of our sponsors have been supporting us since the inception of this program 10 years ago. We have been fortunate enough to acquire some new sponsors, as well. It is my sincere hope that you patronize these sponsors and help support and grow their businesses. They have been a major factor in assuring our program improves with every passing year.

Blue Mountain Fish & Game Association has graciously been our host site for 5 years. We extend a huge thank you to them for being such a great partner.

Now it is time to give thanks to the backbone of this program. We had just enough volunteers to fill all the positions needed to pull off a great event. People are needed for organizing, set-up, instructors, kitchen help, registration, group leaders, closing ceremonies and tear-down. This is a long day for those who are involved and make sure that all the young people who attend enjoy the outdoors. A heartfelt thank you to all that volunteered their services to make sure we had another hugely successful program.

Unfortunately, we do not recruit many new volunteers.  The majority of our veteran team is up in age and many would like to resign their positions to younger volunteers. We cannot run an event of this magnitude with an “I might be able to help.”  or “Maybe I can come out that day for a little while.”  We need people with commitment and new ideas to help move this program forward with exciting and different opportunities for these young participants. Our veteran helpers do a fantastic job but they are looking for someone else to take the reins and lead the education efforts. Please consider joining our team for the 2017 event.

The committee meets the first Wednesday of the month beginning in September. If you would like to help organize or volunteer for the 2017, please contact David Carl at fisherman_dcarl@yahoo.com or by calling 570-325-4336.

Next year’s date will be Saturday, June 17, 2017. All the details will be posted on this link closer to the event date. Registration information will also be here and will begin starting in March.

Thank you again to all that participated or volunteered in this year’s program.

Committee Chairman

David Carl





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