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Outdoor Adventures

Youth Day Wrap-Up Report

June 2018

The 12th Annual Youth Outdoors Adventures event is now in the books! Eighty-one students registered and 70 of those chose to come out and learn. We had perfect weather for all to participate in casting, canoeing & kayaking, fishing, archery, wilderness survival, invasive species, BB gun range, first aid, trapping and habitat building.

Each group of students completed a turtle platform to be installed in the reconditioned Lake Minsi. The groups also had the opportunity to plant two trees for a total of 20 trees which will add food and cover for wildlife. The fish cooperated this year with a total of 91 fish caught during the day. Everyone had a great time and received an incredible amount of knowledge between the instruction they received and the literature bags they took home.

This high octane program is provided by many volunteers from a diverse and varied group of resource people and organizations. They sacrifice a lot of their time to provide these children with safety tips and the knowledge they need in order to make smart decisions in the great outdoors.

We also have very generous sponsors, some new and some who have been with us every year lending us their support for this worthwhile endeavor. All of which have made an impact on this outstanding program.

My deepest thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors.

The fate of the 2019 program is in limbo at this time because I am stepping down as chairman. We need someone to step up and take this great program to even better heights. If someone volunteers to do so and has a committee, the information for the 13th event should be able to be found right here on this link.

I cannot express my thanks enough to the many people who have helped me make this program what it is today.

Our future sportsmen and sportswomen need this valuable program.

Committee Chairman

David Carl