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Outdoor Adventures

Welcome everyone to Youth Outdoor Adventures. 2017 was our 11th annual event and was attended by 101 students. We had another variety of topics to rotate through and maintained the attention of everyone throughout the entire day. Stations presented included fishing, ethics, mason bees, canoeing, casting, trapping, archery, lure making and knot tying. One of our presenters left us “high and dry” Saturday morning so we doubled on ethics and provided a full schedule. Everyone had a great time even though we experienced quite a bit of rain during the day. Some nice fish were caught including a 36” eel and a 24 ¾ catfish. The bite was a little slow but you never know what the conditions will be like.

We did have some new volunteers this year, along with some of our veteran helpers. Many thanks to all of them. Without 60-70 volunteers, the program would not flow as smoothly as it does. I also have to mention we had the support of our generous sponsors again. We deeply appreciate the continued support of these sponsors. The volunteers and sponsors are the backbone of this program. Our instructors come from a variety of organizations and businesses to create a strong team of volunteers committed to our future sportsmen and sportswomen. If someone is interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact me directly through my email address:

Blue Mountain Fish and Game Association has again given us approval to hold the event next year. The date will be Saturday, June 16, 2018. Our committee has already begun the planning stages for what will be the 12th program. We do not have the schedule of topics completed as of yet but ideas are on the table at this time to once again provide an excellent program for our youth. If anyone has ideas or would like to be part of the committee, please contact me at the email address already noted in this article.

The 2018 event will again be for youth between the ages of 8-15. Registration will remain the same with accepting the first registered 100 children. Registration and updated program information will be on this site by March 2018; beginning the registration process.

Anyone wishing to donate their time or to become a sponsor in some capacity can reach me by email.

Thank you to all that participated this past year. We had an outstanding group of young people who benefited from all the excellent resource people who taught at a station. We are looking forward to providing another exciting day of outdoor education next year!

David Carl (

Committee Chairman