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fishermanfrank | Upper Southampton,PA | Monday May 22nd 8:43 am
Fished Friday May 19 launched out of Byram,N.J. at 9am with Ed R. fished till noon caught 6 shad, 3Roe & 3 buck Also lost a few in 9'of water on spoons behind deep diving shad raps still coming up .
Rusty Balls | | Monday May 22nd 6:18 am
Sorry forgot keith fished with us too sunday...sorry Keith,
Rusty Balls | | Monday May 22nd 6:13 am
Fished Sun with Capt Dave...from 8-6...boated 74...mostly roe...still fresh fish....a little slower in the afternoon..get out there and fish
Rusty Balls | | Monday May 22nd 6:11 am
Fished Easton sat with Eric to get fish in the spawning tank..caught 46 fished from 8-1
Lab | Above Water Gap | Sunday May 21st 6:43 pm
Caught 20 fishing from 12 to 4
Phil | Sandyston | Saturday May 20th 6:35 pm
Kevin, they are indeed and many are upstream of that area. Good luck.
Keven Swingle | Honesdale | Saturday May 20th 5:38 pm
Are they catching them at Norrowsburg yet?
Komar | Vernon | Friday May 19th 2:59 pm
Thanks for the info, you guys are the best. Tight lines
John | Eshback | Friday May 19th 2:53 pm
Fished Thursday 5/18 out of eshback 2:30-7pm. Landed 25 mostly bucks. 1/32 oz. bright orange body and tail produced most hits
Rusty Balls | | Friday May 19th 6:32 am
Rob & Komar..they are still catching at easton
Rob Somers | Rieglesville | Thursday May 18th 5:53 pm
Where to fish at Rieglesville? I have not made it out yet and was wondering where to go between Easton and Rieglesville by boat that they are still catching Shad?
komar | Vernon | Thursday May 18th 3:04 pm
Planning on going out this Sunday, are they still getting them in the Bushkill area? or should I move farther upstream?Dingmans, Milford?
Cshadrun | Rieglesville | Wednesday May 17th 9:41 pm
Thanks for the reports guys! Appreciate it, was thinking the lake, but after your good news....I know what I'm doing the next free moment.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Wednesday May 17th 5:48 pm
Fished Reigelsville 6am to 1pm....19 shad 1 walleye and 1 smallmouth...Fish are still around....Water temp 60...Don't give up yet.....All fish were fresh and real fighters.....
Rusty balls | | Wednesday May 17th 2:43 pm
fished Easton Tuesday from 11-7 ...boated 46...still comin buddies were down today for about 8 hrs...had 50 in the boat
| | Tuesday May 16th 9:33 pm
RUSTY BALLS | | Sunday May 14th 11:53 am
ShadHarris | North of Gap from shore | Thursday May 11th 10:23 pm
Tonight was an extremely excellent session N of water gap from shore. All you wanted. As good as it gets. Slightly more roe than buck. Me and my buddies were using my 1/32 and 1/16 ounce custom hot pink head white body darts and as the sun dropped chartreuse and hot green head worked very well too. No numbers - too busy to count and we were laughing and having a good time. Every roe brought a big pod of followers right to the waders. The fish were as thick as thieves!
Phil | Sandyston | Monday May 8th 10:14 am
Riverwolf: That has been my experience also. My best days have been in clear weather with no cloudiness, muddy water, cold weather or any other curveballs thrown into the mix.
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday May 8th 6:15 am
Rusty balls | Easton | Sunday May 7th 12:57 pm
Fishing easton today with Capt Dave boated 15 so far lehigh water is clean
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Sunday May 7th 2:51 am
River is up to 7.5 ft and will stay there until Tuesday......Lots of water coming from up River......River temp 56.....With nights in the upper 30s river temp will drop which could hurt the bite.......need lots of sun and no more rain......
Rusty Balls | Easton | Friday May 5th 12:17 pm
Had a father who is a member of DRSFA & his 8 year old son out Wednesday Morning till the river went to crap....caught 12 till 830 only had one ldr after that...enjoyed themselves...caught some nice roe
Rusty balls | Easton | Friday May 5th 12:14 pm
Had a gentleman, Ben Kulp from Morgantown PA out on Tuesday afternoon for a 6 hr trip that paid for a trip through DRSFA ..caught 40 fish...very happy with the outcome ..wants to come back next year
| | Friday May 5th 12:03 pm
Mike S - it sure doesn't look good, with another 3 foot + surge arriving in that area overnight tonight. The river is already about 2 feet higher than "normal" at the gap, which is quite fishable when running clear to moderately stained, but add another 3' to it, and it will be difficult conditions to say the least. It's not gonna start dropping until Monday...,1,1,1,1,1,1,1&toggles=10,7,8,2,9,15,6
Mike S | Mechanicsburg | Friday May 5th 7:59 am
Only have one weekend to fish for shad. Was planning on fishing the Water Gap area this weekend. I'll be making the 3 hour drive to visit family anyway but am I SOL for fishing? Thanks
RUSTY BALLS | | Friday May 5th 6:18 am
Brad Hendrickson | Reading pa | Thursday May 4th 10:12 pm
I don't fish the Delaware normally but I will be near it tomorrow for work. Easton area where the Lehigh dumps in. Will conditions be ok to fish tomorrow or is it not worth my time?
Rusty Balls | | Thursday May 4th 6:15 am
fished Easton wed with a guy and his 8 year old son who won a trip thru DRSFA banquet, caught 12 from 6am to 830...after that the river went to crap...came up 2-3 ft...sticks logs everything but the kitchen sink...had one fish between 830-11..left at 11...done till next week...even the Lehigh was a mess
Phil | Sandyston | Wednesday May 3rd 11:02 am
That was me who put the "BEWARE" message below. I had forgotten to sign-in. ShadHarris is correct; the high water from upstate NY can come down like a big wave, but takes time to reach all areas. Years ago, when I lived in Morris County I used to drive 45 miles to the river only to find it running high/muddy with debris. Thank goodness now for the internet and USGS. I like the fishing when the water is tea-colored, not clear or muddy, and I can see the conditions I will encounter from my phone or home pc at any given time. Fishing will probably be futile until the water comes down to between 2 or 3 feet above normal flow in your chosen area.
Frank | | Wednesday May 3rd 6:41 am
Shad. Great post, I follow the river very closely too. My place is ON the river south of the gap... The gauges show a drastic rise, there must have been 2" + or more rain up north, and a release of water from the reservoirs. All take his advise if you travel far.
ShadHarris | NW NJ | Tuesday May 2nd 10:15 pm
A lot of folks don't fully understand the impact of Northern rains (and rains in general) on the Delaware. I will do my best to interpret based on current information. I live directly East of the Water Gap, and it absolutely poured last night, at as of 9:45 PM, the gauge has not moved. However, it's forecasted to surge nearly 3' by 2pm tomorrow. It's at 6.5' now, it has not really moved much in past few days. It will crest at 9.3... Lets go way North to Callicoon NY.  It was at 4' yesterday at noon, and just crested at 7' and is already dropping. As you work further south down the river, everything else is still rising which only makes sense as all the feeder streams are still dumping in. It generally crests earlier, North to South but local rainfall can impact that a bit but this is a general rule of thumb. In Barryville, it was 4.3' yesterday and currently at 7' and rising. In Port Jervis, it was at 3.6' yesterday around noon and currently at 7.1' and rising. In Montague yesterday at noon it was at 6.6' yesterday at noon, and currently at 9.6' and rising. The Water Gap gauge was at 6.5' yesterday and IS STILL at 6.5. This is only 30 miles south of the Montague gauge. It is forecasted to crest at 9.3 feet by 2pm tomorrow. Belvedere gauge is at 5.5' and trending downward, but the surge is coming. It will crest 8.9' tomorrow at 8pm.  Are you seeing the trend here? Let's end with Phillipsbugh gauge. It was 3.25' yesterday at noon, currently at 3.6' and is forecasted to crest  at 8.9' tomorrow by 8pm. That more than a 5' surge!    You can track all this information yourself, at .   I will never waste a trip to the river again, I study this religiously and have really started paying attention to these gauges over the past several years.   Let me be clear. "don't fish tomorrow". It will be high, murky, and full of debris.  Find something else to do.
| | Tuesday May 2nd 5:06 pm
Fished Reiglesville today.3 boated 2ldrs. Bote was early and shut down by 11am. Ron Marks came up around 12n and landed a few fishing on tje NJ side. We left at 1pm, water temperature 63, spawn should be happening soon. Only 4boats out. Rain coming Friday will hurt conditions for sure. See u on the river Kevin
Mike | Narrowsburg | Tuesday May 2nd 1:43 pm
The river in Narrowsburg is up 3 feet from yesterday with a lot of debris . The water is stained and visibility poor. Fished 2 hours this morning without a touch. The river was rising when I left, not sure how big the rains were in NY last night but it definitely affected the river.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Tuesday May 2nd 12:54 pm
Ryan Smithfield Beach boat launch is closed during the week until May 22.......only open on weekends.....
fish whisperer | water gap | Tuesday May 2nd 12:28 pm
Fished Monday from 3-7 pm: caught 2 bucks lost 1.
| | Tuesday May 2nd 12:15 pm
BEWARE of a sudden rush of high water coming down from upstate NY this afternoon.
Ryan | Smithfield beach | Tuesday May 2nd 6:31 am
I was looking to get some information on the Smithfield beach area. I'm from Lancaster county and plan on making the trek up Smithfield tomorrow. Just wondering how the fishing is and if the boat launch ramp at Smithfield is open during the week? If anyone has any knowledge of this I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Keven | Honesdale pa | Monday May 1st 9:53 pm
I am from the Honesdale area and looking to take a first time fisherman, my 12 year old stepson, shad fishing this weekend. I haven't fished shad in 20 years, we always fished Skinners Falls with Shad Darts. We'll be fishing from shore / wading. And suggestions / advice on where to go, and what to use would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Keven
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Sunday April 30th 8:31 am
This was definitely my longest shad of the year, and would have done some damage in the Bi-State a week ago!
| | Sunday April 30th 8:21 am
Had a great 3 hour session by boat N of Bushkill last night. It was a continuous stream of doubles, and quit at 6pm with a red hot bite still happening. Netted 32. Had to cut back on amount of rods in water, to about half what I usually put out.
| | Sunday April 30th 8:20 am
Chris - I am pretty much anti-spoon, but that puts me in the minority. I uses 1/32 and 1/16 ounce exclusively in two colors. Hot pink and white, and chartreuse and bright green. I run them behind in line sinkers, 1/4 to 3/8 ounce generally. I can see the fish on my finder, and they bit non-stop last night and most other trips this season so far.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Sunday April 30th 5:17 am
Chris...try fishing closer to shore at the current break......I like to put myself in 8 to 9 ft of those spoons up to 40ft behind the ball.....try the diver method 60 ft back.....flatline with 4 split shot.......good luck......we were up at Smithfield Beach yesterday and did great......remember that ramp is closed during the week.....
chris | south of easton | Saturday April 29th 10:37 pm
can anybody tell me why I am not catching any fish? I am fishing in the channel with downriggers and am running my spoons 1 to2 feet off the bottom but am catching nothing. My depth finder is showing most of the fish coming through 7 to 10 feet down so I tried fishing those depths and still catching nothing. yesterday my brother outfished me 6 to 1 on flatlines. Any suggestions?
Onemorecast | Port Jervis | Saturday April 29th 9:12 am
Spent about an hour after work with the noodle rod. Went 2 for 4. 1 buck ( within first couple casts) then a big roe about 30 min later. Beauty of a day on the River!
Snizzy | Lambertville | Friday April 28th 10:26 pm
Thanks rusty ill give them a shot
ShadHarris | North of Gap from shore | Friday April 28th 6:59 pm
I did a quick 2 hour session 4PM to 6PM. 9 first hour, figured it would build, but only 5 the next hour and was going 10 or more casts without a hit. This was slowest session from shore this season. All bucks! All on 1/32 hot pink head / white body darts with 1/4 ounce in-line sinker. Excellent water clarity. River still up a tad but damn near perfect.
Phil | Sandyston | Friday April 28th 5:38 pm
Question for wader fishers: If you're in a known good spot and are catching shad on a regular basis, and suddenly the action drops dead for 45 minutes or so, do you get in your car and go to another known good spot or wait for another school to possibly come through your area?
Cshadrun | Rieglesville NJ | Thursday April 27th 9:39 pm
Lookin to hit Rieglesville tomorrow. See y'all there :)
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Thursday April 27th 9:04 pm
Fished Reigelsville yesterday and today...slow pick of fish but they are there.....real fighters in fast water...Anyone know where the hovercraft airboat like vessel came from....they were very considerate of fishermen....