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Shadfather | Easton | Wednesday March 14th 7:53 am
Ironhead...I mean Ironshad, I got spoons for you!
RUSTY BALLS | | Tuesday March 13th 3:10 pm
Mike Ferraro | West Chester PA | Tuesday March 13th 10:00 am
Rich- Sure do flyfish for them. I use a 10 foot 7 wt with a 250 grain sinking line, a short straight mono leader, a Shad Fly and maybe a flutter spoon dropper in the Delaware and Susky. In Deer creek I'll use a 5 wt. for hickories.
Rich McIlhenny | Mt Airy | Monday March 12th 7:58 pm
When does the run typically start and end? Anyone do any fly fishing for them?
Mike Ferraro | West Chester PA | Sunday March 11th 11:11 pm
Took a ride to the Conowingo dam today. Flood gates were dumping water and the Fishing platform in Fisherman's Park was closed to access. Very few eagles there meaning few fish. Went to Deer creek and saw nothing from Stafford Bridge and although 3 men were Fishing at the mouth nothing caught. Three men anchored by the stone buildings perching had caught nothing. Oh, well.another week or so.
Rusty Balls | | Friday March 9th 6:43 am
I will be at Quakertown flea mkt at qtown fire co Saturday from 8-1 & the shad tournament banquet sat night in alpha NJ..if u need spoons, darts & river anchors...Rusty at Rusty Balls tackle...484-239-4723
Rusty Balls | | Friday March 9th 6:41 am
Komar call me I can ship if needed...Rusty...484-239-4723
Rusty Balls | | Friday March 9th 6:41 am
Thanx for the good news
RPS | Greeley | Thursday March 8th 9:06 am
30" of snow up here from the two storm's that will cool the water down for a while.
Kevin Ingram | Yardley PA | Tuesday March 6th 7:34 pm
Took a ride along the river today from Yardley up to New Hope. River is high and off color. Water level At the top of the ramp in Yardley and will soon rise up with the predicted Nor easter coming tonite. Making spoons for the 2018 season and the fishing shows. Will be at the Hemlock Free Seminar in Fairless Hills PA at the Westaby Hall on Hood Blvd in Fairless Hills PA on Friday March 9th at 6pm if you are in need of any spoons for the 2018 shad season. Will also be at the Sergeantsville Fire Co Fishing Flea Market on Sunday March 18 from 9am to 3pm located in Delaware Twp NJ. hope to see you there and tight lines to all.
Komar | vernon | Monday March 5th 7:05 pm
Rusty how do I go about ordering flutter spoons from you?
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Monday March 5th 1:16 pm
Shad hotline is up and running. Check out upcoming events for March and April.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Monday March 5th 7:18 am
WG, Safe travels! Can't wait to hear hear word of someone hooked to a shad. This week's weather looks to be the kind that will keep me in my armchair a bit longer.
WG | Lower Delaware River | Thursday March 1st 11:53 pm
Fished about 1.5 hours and managed to hook 3 Carp and land one while shadfishing 2/2&.water 46 and about 3-4 feet visibility. Shad are in the river but this rain will make it tough... heading to North Carolina for the weekend where the shad run has been early with larger fish and large numbers .... let’s hope our fish are big and numerous this year also!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Thursday March 1st 7:29 am
I fished below Lambertville yesterday afternoon. I guess the water's still too cold and turbid for the shad to unlock their jaws. Soon, though. I switched to a curly tail jig before I quit and caught my first Delaware walleye, 24" and very fat. Maybe 4.5 pounds. I thought I'd snagged bottom at first, especially when my mind is sort of geared to shad power, but a whole lot better than nothing, and a fine first fish of the year in wet water fishing. Gary, there are shad there in the river now, but they need a little warmer weather to get the water temps up to at least 45F. Watch this board and you'll be well informed, I bet.
Rusty Balls | | Thursday March 1st 6:43 am
If anybody is in need of a guide service for shad fishing on the Delaware river in the Easton/P burg area let me know...reasonable me Rusty at Rusty Balls Tackle & Guide Service...484-239-4723
Gary | Easton | Thursday March 1st 12:14 am
New to shad fishing, when will they be hitting in Easton? Water temp now around 43... end of March maybe?
Duff | | Wednesday February 28th 7:47 pm
Just washed off the line this evening. Was fishing well below Lambertville from shore.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Wednesday February 28th 12:45 pm
I'm going to give it a go fro shore in a little while, below Lambertville. Water temp is low, tubidity high, but dropping, and water level is still pretty high, but hey, what can it hurt? I went to the same place yesterday afternoon but just as I got set to throw my first cast an ambulance showed up, followed by a bunch of earnest looking guys and a truck pulling an air boat. Then another airboat (in case the first one wouldn't start?) Somebody had called to report a kayaker in trouble up by the wing dam, but the kayaker liked "being in trouble," and was having too much fun to go home right then. I found all that out as I was making myself scarce. I neither wanted to be in their way nor did I want to witness a more grizley outcome.
ShadHarris | NW NJ | Tuesday February 27th 11:36 am
Getting the itch! Like the new forum - hope it gets active this season, always seemed woofish got more activity. Last weekend, I got a verified report of ONE shad landed just below Lambertville by a walleye angler, I kid you not. Now - don't get all excited, I have always felt they are in the river by mid to late February, at least that far south that is.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Friday February 23rd 9:29 am
I didn't realize that there is an active message board here, but I am very glad to find it and see many familiar handles as I scroll down the postings. I'm getting that tingly itch that means I will be limbering out my shad rig and maybe getting to wet a line with the warmer weather and water temps going up. The sun is coming out on Monday and I will likely be wetting my feet at the Fireman's Eddy. I wish the joys of the new season to you all!
Ironshad | Johnstown | Thursday February 22nd 11:02 am
Yep that’s us!! I’m sure rusty won’t mind lol. That warm weather yesterday got me excited to get back out there this year! Not to much longer....
Shadfather | Easton | Thursday February 22nd 9:01 am
Ironshad, I remember you guys. The bridge workers? I'll sell you a dozen or so that I was going to give to Rusty!!! I'm working on a big batch of spoons now and should have a good selection in a couple of weeks. I got some new ones I'm working on that I paint to look like a shad dart, both sides with a little flash on the hook. I'm hoping they catch!
rusty balls | | Wednesday February 21st 2:59 pm
don't worry dave wont forget
Ironshad | Johnstown pa | Wednesday February 21st 2:01 pm
Shadfather I would like to buy a dozen of your custom spoons from you if possible! They are awesome and the most durable I have ever seen. Just remember when your pricin then we gave you the tip that landed your money fish last year lol. We were in the brown jet boat beside you on Saturday during the tournament
Shadfather | Easton | Monday February 19th 9:02 am
Rod, the shad come through about the same time every year but if the water is still to cold you're not going to catch them. Last year some shad were caught in Easton right at the end of February but then it shut down because of cold weather and muddy water. After that the next one didn't come until April 9th. Fishing broke wide open on Good Friday last year which was April 14th. We had 70+ that day. If the weather stays like it's supposed to be this week it could be a mid March bite this year. Time will tell.
Rich | | Saturday February 17th 1:13 pm
Just spoke with Mrs. Woo. Peter is recovering nicely but may not be able to monitor the site. Keep praying for him.
| | Saturday February 17th 10:58 am
Doesn’t look like there will be a link to this years reports, either
Rich | | Friday February 16th 5:31 pm
posted on woo's lures, 10/20/17 Sorry due to Woo's stroke orders are temporarily suspended.
Rod | | Friday February 16th 12:59 pm
When do you think the shad will hit Easton this year due to this weather...
| | Friday February 16th 3:14 am
Guess I wasn't the only one thinking it with the warmer weather yesterday...
RUSTY BALLS | | Thursday February 15th 3:02 pm
Rusty Balls | | Monday June 19th 1:21 pm
Fished Dingmans with Eric sunday..1 shad all day..its over..lots of splashing around with spawners...lots of smallies..see u on the ocean for stripers
Ryan W. | Turtle beach boat launch | Friday June 16th 7:14 am
Put the boat in at turtle beach Wednesday 6/14 and went down river about 300 yards from the ramp. We boated 57 in a 8 hour time span. We lost about 25-30....It was a really good day. The water is still up more than normal but it was fairly clear, I've got a feeling after this weekend it might be the end of the run. I hope everyone had fun fishing shad this year!
Rusty Balls | | Monday June 12th 6:10 am
fished Easton sunday am boated 10..theyre still there...this heat is gonna end it soon
Pointing Lab | | Tuesday June 6th 2:42 am
Fished Smithfield on Sunday and caught around 20. All fresh fish.
Shadfather | Easton | Monday June 5th 8:57 am
Rusty Balls and myself set a new personal record with 14 hours fished on Saturday and landed 24 including one smallmouth and one walleye. Biggest fish was about 5 pounds. The fish looked great and put up a good battle. Highlight of day was when Vinnie in the Dollbaby had the fight of his life and shortly after telling Marshall...this fish is BIG!!!...up popped a 6 inch smallmouth on the end of his line. His big fight was with his TripZ that didn't trip! To effin funny!!!
Rusty Balls | | Monday June 5th 6:07 am
fished Saturday with capt dave at Easton boated 24 shad all fresh fish yet
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday June 2nd 10:40 pm
Lab....go north....more fish....cooler water.....Smithfield Beach......Dingmans.....
Pointing Lab | | Friday June 2nd 2:16 pm
Is Easton worth the trip or should I be heading north of the Water Gap
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday June 2nd 11:58 am
They posted that it would be open May 22......There was still equipment in the lot..... I would call first...NPS...
Chiggy | | Friday June 2nd 2:34 am
Riverwolf, will Smithfield launch be open during the week anytime soon?
Mr Leonard | Hewitt | Wednesday May 31st 8:48 pm
Fished south of Milford bridge. 11:00-12:00 5-fish, all bucks. Stopped 3:00 on another flury of activity 3 fish. Caught a 17" brown.
Rusty Balls | | Tuesday May 30th 6:12 am
Fished Easton with my buddy Wayne...boated 19...still fresh fish..get out there
Salty | Turtle Beach and south. | Monday May 29th 2:16 pm
Black and pink tiny flys were the killer the past three trips. Size #6 and #8. Other colors were catching but towards late afternoon it was black all the way!
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Sunday May 28th 5:13 pm
Two good days at Smithfield Beach......Saturday 27 fish from 9am to 2pm.....Sunday 34 fish from 7am to 2pm.....fresh fish plenty of fight......only had 2 that were spawned water was the key....another 2 weeks maybe...
Chiggy | Frackville | Friday May 26th 1:53 pm
Chris, keep trying, this time of year I like to fish in 6 to 10 feet of water, try the tails of deep holes. Used double darts on 3 rods all different colors. Caught about 30 to 40. Keep trying.
Craig | Pottsville | Thursday May 25th 2:50 pm
Was fishing just above the Gap from shore. Caught 14 in ~ 10 hrs. 6 of them within 1 hr between 11:30 and 12:30. Most were bucks. All but 1 were caught on flutter spoons; the other on dart. Just have to be there when a school comes through. Had interesting sighting while fishing. Saw a black bear about 50 yds downstream on the Jersey side. Good thing he was downstream, because he decided to swim across and thankfully the current carried him downstream about another 150-200 yrds. Chris, don't get frustrated - stay with it. You'll eventually get the feel for it. While your fishing and things are quiet, enjoy the scenery. It can be very refreshing and mentally rewarding.
Shadfather | Easton | Thursday May 25th 1:24 pm
Here's a photo of my trout earrings I've been working on.
Shadfather | Easton | Thursday May 25th 11:49 am
Chris, when I first went shad fishing I would take binoculars with me to spy on the guys that were catching fish. It always seemed like the spoons had some orange in them. To this day I get most of my shad on some orange. You have to figure out where to fish according to the river height. I like water in the 6-12 foot range. I keep my spoon anywhere from 10 to 20 feet behind the ball. Sometimes I can only get them one way and other times every way catches fish. Diving plugs are a must have in the boat and this year we've been catching them on TripZ's we got from FISH USA. Keith, it was a blast fishing with you and Rusty last Sunday. We got so many good looking fish! Last night Sean got about 20 at Easton with several good roes. That's one in the picture. Hope I can get out this weekend again.