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Hal | New Hope | Saturday March 31st 1:26 pm
Need some help. I just moved to New Hope from Easton. I need boat serviced pretty badly. Merc 60/40. Anyone recommend a place reasonably close to New Hope?
Rich | | Saturday March 31st 11:55 am
Shadpappy posted on woofish (see 2017 shad reports, no 2081 page this year) about a permit to park by the Phillipsbug launch. Haven't heard anything about Easton parking.
| | Friday March 30th 11:47 pm
What's the deal with paying to park in Easton
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday March 30th 7:54 pm
Fished 11 to 4pm....went 3 for 7....water temp 45
WG | Delaware River - Bucks County | Friday March 30th 6:55 pm
Fishing Report 3/30/18 - Fished from sure with darts from daybreak til 11am. First 2 hours was steady action between 3 anglers. The Vintage fisherman was on fire early, but I think I caught up to him eventually. Nice meeting you Minda today! I ended up landing 18 American shad and lost/missed many more, and the others had at least that many. Good mix of buck and roe, with several roe approaching 5 pounds...water around 45 and level rising. The weather does not look favorable the next week or so for shad catching.....but they are still migrating. One of the 18 fish I caught was a "late runner" with the green/blue above its eyes, the rest had the typical gold/grey above their eyes indicating they were early runners.
ShadHarris | | Friday March 30th 1:17 pm
I have a buddy experiencing frenetic action from boat right now, North of Frenchtown, South of Easton. First "Frenzy" report I have heard of this year, AND - he said mostly nice roe only one buck so far which is odd. All on spoons. (this is not a BS post, not gonna blow their spot or post pics without permission).
Duff | | Friday March 30th 1:02 pm
Lots of fish coming thru down below now. Had a good day this week. Gota time your shot on a warming trend. Blanked today but I saw them splash on the surface a few times. Guess this is the tail end of the early fish.
Rich | | Friday March 30th 10:11 am
Lot of snow melted in the pocono and catskills.
Weo | Jamison Pa | Friday March 30th 10:08 am
After fishing most of the day on Sunday, I never did boat a shad at Trenton. On Tuesday I went to New Hope, I fish from 3:30 to 7, with no hookups. To the port side of me, was a fishing buddy Mark in his vessel, now he was hooking up. He ended the night with 7. I was back at it Thursday afternoon from 4 to 7:15pm with nothing to show for all of patience. But I did get the pleasure of watching a boat that pulled up to my Stern side boat 8 shad. Being a fisherman I guess we all get to have our turn at this misfortune. However I do see brighter days ahead. And as for this fishing report, it is a good report for all of you Shad fisherman, they're on their way north fellows, keep them lines tight !
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday March 30th 8:16 am
River supposed to go up 4ft till tommorrow....They must be releasing water in NY....water temps upper 40s...might head over this afternoon....
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Friday March 30th 7:54 am
I spent about an hour yesterday afternoon practicing my casting form at a nice looking spot below Lambertville. There were 3 other guys there when I arrived and 4 when I left and none of us got so much as a bump or a scale. Darts and flutter spoons of all sizes and colors were equally productive. Temperature and timing...
Mike Ferraro | West Chester, PA | Thursday March 29th 7:23 pm
Fishing report- Maryland 3/29 Thursday. I had to drive to the Conowingo today with 65 degree weather. Caught nothing at Fishermens park but saw a few mud shad caught. Nothing silver colored. Went to Deer Creek- saw nothing from Stafford Bridge. Went to the pumping station- nothing going on there. Drove to the mouth- some fellows fishing but saw nothing caught. drove to lapidum Boat ramp and glassed the 4 or 5 boats fishing for Rock but saw none caught. Saw 20 or 30 Eagles at the dam and a couple up deer creek, so that made the trip worth it. Didn't see any herring yet in the stream by the pumping station or in herring run. maybe another week or so.
ken | VA. | Thursday March 29th 6:33 pm
WG fished Weldon tue. wed.and half day thurs, Fished from shore and caught over 200 hickorys,plus 1 American.The hickorys are spanwed out ,American had eggs. Used Two I/8 jigs because of higher flow,hot pink and bright green tied two feet between them. Had a new record for my self 12 straight hook ups and 15 shad .Not much time left for shad down there, Flow was 6000,they are going to increase flow to over 7000.ken.
Kevin | Yardley | Wednesday March 28th 5:50 am
Fished at Yardley yesterday afternoon. Water temp 44.4,river is low and clean no debris. Fished flat lines and plug rigs in 6ft of water below the bridge. Due to construction of the new bridge you can't fish near this area ;which negates some prime spots. No hookups. Cold wind and brief showers late in the day. Will give it a try later in the week. Only 2 other boats out with no success either. Could use the rain to raise the flow and bring the fish upriver. See u on the river..Shadillac.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday March 27th 4:31 pm
Fished Zane Grey from 12:30-2:00 today cold wind, water low, no fish. The river gauges say the water is in the high 30's and low 40's in the afternoons.
WG | | Monday March 26th 10:53 pm
There are many shad far north of Easton at this point, a few days of warning weather will get them hitting
| | Monday March 26th 4:19 pm
Think the fish will be in Easton and biting after this warmer weather this week...
WG | Delaware River-Bucks county | Monday March 26th 3:56 pm
Fishing report 3/25- fished several sections of the lower Delaware. Saw some old friends and met the Captain, good talking to you all... saw one Shad landed as I left that area. Tried another spot and landed 2 American shad, and two tiny walleye in about an hour or so. Water temp was under 41 degrees.
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday March 26th 2:56 pm
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Monday March 26th 10:57 am
WooWee! So it begins... Capt. Alex, bless you!
Pete | | Sunday March 25th 7:22 pm
Cap- keep posting. Many of us enjoy the posts.
Capt. Alex Craig | Green Lane, PA & Hatteras, NC | Sunday March 25th 5:23 pm
Frank: a 6# or better roe on a 5 weight using 6# class tippet is the only item left. Weo: I was out-fished today. I only had one fish while the two guys fishing with me had 4 & 3 respectively when I left. No excuses. It just wasn't my day & they are both very good shad fishermen! They may still be there; however, between yesterday & today, I'd had enough. ;-) Spent some quality time on the bank chatting with WG today. He's a decent human being who knows his stuff! OK. I'm posted out for the year unless I get that 6 pounder! :-)
Weofish | Jamison Pa | Sunday March 25th 12:11 pm
Its 12:18 Saturday afternoon fishing at Trenton, not a bump yet. Alex you never cease to amaze me every year buddy. Hey Frank doing well hope to see you out on the river this year at some point I'm doing good thanks for asking.
Frank | SI | Sunday March 25th 9:48 am
@ Capt Alex Way to go! Whats your what other shad fish bucket list it item???
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday March 25th 4:53 am
Warmer temps this week bode well for shad fishing in my neck of the woods. Gear is ready, spoons shined and boat is prepped to hit the water. Hope to report good news of shad caught & released this week. Tight lines and see you on the you need spoons I'll be at the tackle swap mtg on March 28 at the Huntington Fire Hall on Maple Ave in Pohatcong NJ at 630pm this week. Hope to see u there.
WG | Susquehanna | Saturday March 24th 6:06 pm
Fished a trib of the Susquehanna this am looking for hickory shad, water temp 40, fished an hour with not a bump. A friend fishing in the Roanoke in NC is doing well there. The run in NC had been nothing short of spectacular with large numbers and larger than average hickory and American shad.
Capt. Alex Craig | Green Lane, PA & Hatteras, NC | Saturday March 24th 5:17 pm
While I do not post very often, I have to put this report up as I managed to cross off 1 of the 2 items left on my shad fishing bucket list, the elusive snow shad pic. The last is a 6# plus on the 5 weight with 6# class tippet. Was only going to fish a few hours early this AM & wound up staying much longer. Started around 0630 hours (before dawn) and fished until 1100 hours with zero hits. I decided I was going to give it another 30 minutes & throw in the towel. 3 casts later, I picked up a shad scale. Ah, ha! 3 casts after that I put this 3 # buck on the bank. The action lasted until about 14:10 which is when I caught my last fish. At that point, I was 7 for 15 and wanted to leave batting 500. But no soap, they were there & then they weren't. Gave it up at 1510 hours and headed for the barn. Air temp was 29.8 when I started with a water temp of 38.7. Didn't take a temp when I left but it was well into the 40's. I expect it was around 41 when I caught the first fish. Between the 1st & last fish I'd have some sort of action within 10 casts: fish landed, lost, on/off/scale or missed hit. Weo, Duff, & Bob G: Appreciate kind words. Hope y'all do well this year! PS No shad were harmed during the staging of the pic. ;-) However, I did hook one buck deep in the gills. Bottom line, one of our raccoons will be very happy tonight! Oh yeah, had 3 roe, the rest were bucks (only 1 small one). 2 of the roe would have hit 3#, the third would have not quite made it. No fish of any real size, obviously. As you can see, waded today slinging darts as always. Had to go to two 1/8 oz darts to get them down due to the wind catchin' the line. Usually fish 1/8 on top & 1/16 on bottom. As many will concur, smaller baits are better when possible!
Shadfather | | Saturday March 24th 7:49 am
Thanks Kevin. That’s interesting. I’ll have to pay more attention this year when I’m catching.
Kevin | Yardley PA | Friday March 23rd 10:28 pm
Shadfather, Spots on shad are not always visible in photos or on all shad. I have seen some shad with 2 rows of spots in some instances. There are no specific uses for the spots other than they are believed to be used to identify different sub species of shad. There are over 600 species of shad world wide. Shad caught in southern waters are significantly smaller than the Northern strains. Hope this helps... Kevin
Shadfather | Easton | Friday March 23rd 11:02 am
Kevin, how comes most of the pictures I see of caught shad don't have the four inline spots coming down the side?
kevin | Yardley PA | Thursday March 22nd 9:19 pm
Andy N, I have fished the Yardley area for shad for over 30 years. Lots of changes to depth due to floods and high flows. Typically, you want to fish the channels which are located on the PA & NJ sides of the river for shad. Depths vary depending on flows. I prefer a high Spring flow of 6- 7ft of water for shad fishing. River flow in Spring is usually higher due to snow pack meltoff up North as well as Spring rains. High dirty water is not good for shad. I'll be giving a free seminar at our April 18 club meeting at the Se Wy Co Fire Hall in Bethlehem, PA on Shad Fishing the Delaware. I''l speak on locations, shad ecology and tips and techniques for consistently landing shad. Details on the Annual Shad Night are on the main page of this site. Hope to see you at the seminar. Kevin
webmaster | | Thursday March 22nd 4:11 pm
The drsfa webmaster will be monitoring this site, if anything is not will be deleted asap...thank you tight lines to everyone!!!!
Andy n | Bucks county | Thursday March 22nd 12:22 pm
Hi all. So I've never fished for shad but excited to this spring.I'm pretty close to the neshaminy creek, but I could put in at the yardley ramp. 18 foot Starcraft. Is the river deep enough to run a prop north of yardley or do you need a jet motor? Is it worth fishing south of yardley for them?
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Wednesday March 21st 9:25 pm
Welcome Steve...a lot of info and fun here...
Bob G | NJ | Wednesday March 21st 7:04 pm
Capt. Alex great to hear a report of fish landed. It looks to be a late start this year but I hope to get back at it after a couple of years of only one or 2 trips.
Steve | Easton | Wednesday March 21st 5:00 pm
I'm new to this Fishing Log, and club. So this is a test message.
RUSTY BALLS | | Wednesday March 21st 2:42 pm
Boats | | Wednesday March 21st 12:50 pm
Riverwolf-Is the meeting rescheduled for a later date? Was looking fwd to the presentations.
Duff | | Wednesday March 21st 11:06 am
Alex / Mike - Congrats! I drove past you about 2PM. Stopped and watched plus waited to see if you saw me on the bank. You two were hoods up and hunkered down. It was painful just to watch. I mostly just BSed with the hard core fisherman on both sides of the river. They also reported picking some within the past couple of weeks. I tried below Lambertville. Then switched up for walleye and Musky as it got dark. Totally Blanked.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Wednesday March 21st 1:47 am
Meeting tonight is canceled due to snow....
Frank | Southampton,PA | Tuesday March 20th 2:31 pm
Fished Monday with My Buddy Rick out of Yardley didn't stay there long lots of noise & disturbance on the water from workers. pulled Boat 7 put in at Lambertville fished from 1:00 to 3:30 pm caught zip water temp 42 wind was 8mph .maybe after the Noreaster it will pick up . hey Weo how ya doin ?
| | Tuesday March 20th 12:35 pm
Morning call showed a seminar on Wednesday at Sewyco. Is this still on?
Rich | | Tuesday March 20th 11:02 am
10 to 15 inches snow and sleet by Wednesday evening. High winds. Possibly another at the weekend, Anyone for ping pong?
Weo | Jamison Pa | Monday March 19th 9:33 am
Fished Trenton on Sunday late morning till mid afternoon 11am-3pm nothing. Nice to hear the report that you got into them Capt. Alex, keep them lines tight buddy.
Ca;pt. Alex Craig | Green Lane, PA & Hatteras, NC | Sunday March 18th 9:45 pm
Greetings Gentlemen, After a few solo trips wading and the 3rd in the boat with my buddy Mike Misura, I finally put my first shad of the season on the deck at 1345 hours today (see pic, I actually got the shot while it was floppin'). It was a roe that might have made 3#. Mike put another in the boat maybe 5 minutes later. And I put my 2nd fish in the boat another 5 - 10 minutes after Mike's. The 2nd & 3rd fish were bucks. It wasn't exactly fast fishing. We fished from 1030 hours until 1630 hours and except for one on/off mystery fish Mike had around noon (probably a foul hooked sucker), the 3 fish we caught between 1345 & 1400 hours were the only 3 bites we had. The water temp was 38.6 when we started and 40 degrees even we caught the fish. When we left at 1630 hours it was 42.0. Many of you folks know where I fish early in the season. Suffice it to say it was well south of Easton. They were all caught on the bottom dart of double dart rigs. Oh yeah, the wind was supposed to be blowin' 8 mph max. For most of the 1st 4 hours we fished it blew 10 - 15+ straight down river out of the NW. It would not be an exaggeration to say we withstood some pain to capture those fish! ;-) Note: I had one within 5 feet of the boat last Sunday 3/11/18 when the hook pulled. It was a real heart breaker as it was the only bite Mike & I had all day long. That fish was hook in 38.0 degree water and yes, it was hooked inside of the mouth.
Riverwolf | coopersburg | Sunday March 18th 6:52 pm
My quess would be the middle of April.....
| | Sunday March 18th 12:40 pm
At what time exactly can we expect them at the gap? Just wondering.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Saturday March 17th 2:27 am
Had an unconfirmed report of a few shad caught south..they are on the way.
Kevin; aka Shadillac | Philadelphia PA | Wednesday March 14th 9:04 pm
I'll be at the Sergeantsville Fishing Flea Mkt on Sunday 3-18-18 from 9am to 3pm at the Sergeantsville Fire Hall in Delaware Twp NJ. located just North of Stocton NJ. Follow the signs on Rt 29 to the market. Breakfast and lunch will be available and lots of great vendors; over 90 tables selling fishing tackle and lots of great deals. Stop by to pick up your shad fishing supplies for the 2018 season. Shad are in the river and fishing will be begin in earnest once we get a few warm days. Hope to see you at the fishing market on Sunday and see you on the river. Kevin
Ironshad | Johnstown | Wednesday March 14th 9:39 am
Thanks Dave! Not sure when we will be back in the area before the tournament. We just started a new job on our end of the state but we are hoping to get down for a weekend before the tourney to fish.We’ll be lookin for ya. No jet boat this year, gonna bring the big boat like the rest of you guys lol.