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Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Thursday April 27th 9:04 pm
Fished Reigelsville yesterday and today...slow pick of fish but they are there.....real fighters in fast water...Anyone know where the hovercraft airboat like vessel came from....they were very considerate of fishermen....
Cshadrun | Rieglesville NJ | Wednesday April 26th 8:31 pm
Only had a little time when I finally hit the river...had to be home for dinner :) river was thick, lots of water and buck shad in the boat and not complaining for how little time I had. Mostly an excuse to use my new anchor...thanks Rusty, a solid and positive addition to my set up. Good to meet you guys!
robert | neshaminy | Wednesday April 26th 8:36 am
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Tuesday April 25th 8:12 pm
If you go to the links on this page you can get NOAA and USGS gauges.....heading out tommorow hope rain doesn't mess river up too much......
Komar | Vernon | Tuesday April 25th 8:03 pm
Thanks Phil, I'll give it a try. You guys are the best
Phil | Sandyston | Tuesday April 25th 7:03 pm
Their system ran my text together but the 3 links are obviously spaced with https://
Phil | Sandyston | Tuesday April 25th 6:57 pm
Komar: First link is for fishing above Neversink River entry to Delaware. Normal low flow is 2.5 ft. at this station. Second link is at Milford Bridge in Montague where normal low flow at this station is 5.5 ft.. Third link will give temperature which increases very slightly as you move downstream.
Komar | Vernon NJ | Tuesday April 25th 6:17 pm
Is there any way to find out river conditions before heading out? I live over an Hour away and it would save me a long ride if I knew the river was not fish able. I'm planning on going Thursday but this weather has me concerned. I was lucky last Thursday, it sounds like I got in just before the river surged.
Rusty Balls | | Tuesday April 25th 4:18 pm
Snizzy...The rods I use for downriggers are ugly stik model big water downrigger rods model # usbwdro62oc832...8'3 light...6-20 lb line...nice rods...I got 8 of them there great for faster water...Rusty...if u need I can send u a pic..
Rusty Balls | | Tuesday April 25th 2:56 pm
got anchors, spoons, darts, inline spinners & diver plugs for sale...Rusty at Rusty Balls Tackle...484-239-4723...ill be on the river the next 2 weeks at pburg/ me if u need something
Snizzy | Lambertville | Tuesday April 25th 12:08 pm
Went 8 for 10 in a couple hours today river is still high what action rods are you guys using out there on diwnriggers seems like my light action rods are a little to weak for this high water
ShadHarris | | Tuesday April 25th 11:06 am
Thanks for the Lambertville report Frank. Great to see the main run is still down South and going strong. This is what the "glory" days used to be like. Lewis Fishery is getting their best numbers in year's as well. It's going to be some month of May, further North and already we been hammering them regularly. Too bad mother nature is tossing us another curveball with more heavy rain forecasted.
fishermanfrank | Upper Southampton,PA | Tuesday April 25th 10:07 am
launched yesterday 9:30 am at Lambertville Bridge spots Were full. anchored up below bridge next to a buddy He was bailing shad ,I got no hits& every other boat was catching moved up to a spot by Bridge started catching some roe ,mostly Buck l boated 10 another DRFA club member boated 46 & the buddy below me boated at least 60. overcast & spotty rain left at 2pm water temp 56-57
Phil | Sandyston | Monday April 24th 10:17 pm
Great picture, Wilson.
Phil | Sandyston | Monday April 24th 9:41 pm
Fished 5pm to 7:30 tonight. Was hot-shotting it from the shoreline (no waders) with 4lb. line. below Tom's Creek on the PA side. Landed 10 of 17, Not a good ratio, but I was off-balance on the slippery shoreline at times and lost fish when they jumped because of it. One big roe got off at my feet and must have been in the 6lb. range. I thought the old hen was going to burn up my freakin' drag. Still getting mostly cock-fish though. Good outing.
wilson | easton | Monday April 24th 4:38 pm
my daughters first shad 6.6 pounds
wilson | easton | Monday April 24th 4:29 pm
a big thank you to the man operating the weigh station you turned a bad day into a good day . thanks for all your help
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Monday April 24th 1:02 pm
Fishing was tough this past weekend.....Did get some fish....waiting for the river to calm down....missing my high water spot at Smithfield with the ramp being closed during the week......Great job to Eric and the guys for an awesome tournament.....Looking forward to Riverside tourney this week.....Tight Lines....
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Sunday April 23rd 10:51 pm
Final day of the Bi-state. We returned to a super-secret spot N of Bushkill, where we got them real good Friday before the big river surge, and scratched out 30 to the net out of 35 hookups and several more LDRs. Too many cookie-cutter 4-4.5 roes to get us into the upper echelon of the tournament money, but we feel blessed to have held onto 5th overall. We made a wise decision to sleep in late, but then started trolling around 12:45 pm to explore what was going on in these horrid conditions, and got 2 out of 3... I thought it was best to then anchor in a spot that normally produces but get in tight to the PA shore and it paid off. Once the sun went behind he mountain the steady stream died off and we motored upriver to another spot to get back in the sun on the NJ side (water very stained, needed the shad to see the darts) for the last hour and banged several more. River dropped a lot today, and historically I would not fish in these conditions let it wait one more day, but I can say I caught fish in higher and more stained water in this location than I ever had in 40 years. Thanks again to the tournament director for running a great tournament. I am not sure how many were running an hour south to weight in fish... Probably just us maniacs..
Cshadrun | Rieglesville NJ | Sunday April 23rd 8:41 pm
Need a river anchor! Busted what I've been using. Rusty, was it you that listed your anchors earlier in the season. Can you re-post your anchor contact for me? Want to get set up this week.
Dennis Scholl | Riegelsvile | Saturday April 22nd 10:32 pm
Fished for four hours at Riegelsville this morning/afternoon and boated five shad, three roes, two bucks. Did not see any other shad caught among 10-12 boats. Very odd day. River was rising, logs all over, got hit by one and had to untangle it from anchor rope. Had to clear lines every few minutes. Must have been a lot of rain up north. Just happy to be out on the river. Work has kept me from fishing for the past 10 years. Got out three times last year after fishing maybe 10 times in the previous eight years. Imagine that, me, the guy who started the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the DRSFA back in 1975, when I was 24. Now I'm 65. Holy s__t!
Snizzy | Lambertville | Saturday April 22nd 2:37 pm
Went 7 for 10 river was clear but high and rising hopefully it crests soon tough to hold anchor water was 55 degrees orange and yellow worked
John | Delaware Water Gap | Saturday April 22nd 12:00 pm
Tried to launch at Smithfield to fish with my kids who are both in the tournament and the NPS closed river road. Later found out it's closed for a bike n brew. So not only do shad fisherman get screwed but it is also the youth turkey hunt. Guess the NPS and Deb Zyrus feel drinking beer is better than getting kids in the outdoors.
ShadHarris | NW NJ | Saturday April 22nd 11:26 am
Just saw video of the "Dollbaby" getting slammed by a giant floating log in very high swift water in Easton, taken by Capt. Dave who was tucked into the Lehigh..... Very real - very scary. They knew it was coming and could not get off anchor soon enough. It raised their bow and caught their anchor line... Fortunately boat did not capsize or sink, it's an old bulletproof fiberglass boat. Thank god for a safe ending to that one.
Phil | Sandyston | Saturday April 22nd 10:43 am
Looks like we will just have to sit tight for a while with the high water. Next good opportunity seems to be Monday-late, if it can come down to 2 1/2 to 3 feet over normal by then and clear up some. Tuesday will not be conducive to good shad fishing if the weather report is correct. Komar: Sometimes the fish will manage to get the line wrapped around its body during the fight and stay out there for long periods of time like that, as you probably know. Time to put the butt against your gut.
ShadHarris | NW NJ | Saturday April 22nd 8:12 am
Folks be careful out there. Phillipsburg gauge shows it 2 full feet higher than yesterday at this time, and it's going to crest 2am Sunday morning after adding nearly another 2' on top of where you are now.  Water gap is also up 2 feet from yesterday, will crest at 1pm today after adding another foot on top of where it is now. This is real scientific data, and available online thanks to USGS. As much as I love to shad fish and being in the bi-state tourney, I elected to pass this morning, and although the boat is hooked up, the only fishing I will be doing will be from the shoreline. I can only imagine the logs and debris floating down. What a shame, after an epic day from the boat yesterday!
Cshadrun | Rieglesville NJ | Friday April 21st 10:09 pm
Tough start, had a hard time setting anchor where I wanted to be and saw a lot of nice fish coming in on boats near by. None the less, shook my troubles and anchored up where I could....I'll be getting a real anchor this week...left with 11 boated and about 8 shook the hook. Solid fights bending hooks before their time. Big Roe shad mostly on my lines, made the first shift worth it!
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Friday April 21st 8:02 pm
great day N of Bushkill, fishing in the Bi-state. Fished 8-4:30, netted 56 out of 68 hookups. Half were roe. We weighed a 5.76 pounder to put my buddy in 4th overall and hopefully first for the day, folks were still out fishing when we got to p-burg... Was a great day, river was in great condition, but I feel the surge is coming tonight they are predicting over 2 foot surge from all the downpours last night..
Komar | Smithfield beach | Friday April 21st 4:18 pm
Traveled to Smithfield beach yesterday only to find that the ramp is only open on weekends. We ended up at Bushkill and had a good day. We picked up about 20 that included some really nice Roes. One took me 20 minutes to bring in. Great day on the big "D"
Jonathan | Dallas, PA | Thursday April 20th 7:47 pm
Hit the Easton area on Wednesday. Started the morning off slow with 1 going close to 4lbs. Couple hours later a boat pulled up below us about 200 yards and we could see them bailing shad after shad. After a few quick moves and only one more to show, it was time to ask for tips. Other boat with two people were happy to share their hot color as well as approx depth they were picking them up at (right off the bottom). In the morning we were in too deep of a channel and our spoons were riding too high. With our new found knowledge, we dropped below the other boat a good 100 yards into a bit shallower water. Adjusted rods to be just off the bottom...and continued to hook into over 30 fish. Many landed. The boat above us likely hit between 50 - 100. They were just on fire. In all honesty, we would have figured them out ourselves however, it would have taken a few more moves and experimenting. I'm grateful to the other anglers for sharing and really making our day extra special, immeditally. Glad to buy them lunch if we find out who they were.
Jim | Middletown | Thursday April 20th 7:40 pm
Newbie to shad fishing, and want to try on the fly rod. Any recommendations on where to try, Port Jervis or upstream from there? Thanks
Cshadrun | Rieglesville NJ | Thursday April 20th 4:55 pm
5 mins left before I gotta pull anchor. Two hook sets, one boated.
Kurt G. Miller | Northampton | Thursday April 20th 4:21 pm
Tough day for us. We were right in the middle of boats that were hooking up. Usually, we can do as good as others, but not today. Go figure!?
Kevin | Yardley | Wednesday April 19th 11:10 pm
Landed 25 out of 31shad today from 7am to 1pm. All on spoons in 5ft of water. Water temperature 57.5by 1pm today. Water stained with debris coming too. Boat near is landed 10 of 12hooked. Rain coming will help dropping flo rates. All on flat lines. One shad had a lamprey attached which is now fish food. Will try again next week. Great to see many DRSFA members at the. mtg/seminar tonight. Always enjoy sharing shad knowledge with new members. See u on the river ...tight lines. Kevin
ShadHarris | NW NJ | Wednesday April 19th 3:11 pm
Jim Shad are well past PJ - catching in Narrowsburg, Zane Grey, etc. There is a heavy concentration of shad for well over 100 miles , go get them while you can!
Jim | Middletown | Wednesday April 19th 2:27 pm
Anyone know if the shad are up to Port Jervis yet? Thanks
Roughrider | Martins creek, | Wednesday April 19th 12:28 pm
Thanks for the ramp update Dick, we did 20 in 2 hours last night, did not sit for 5 minutes.
| | Wednesday April 19th 12:09 pm
Ironshad | Johnstown pa | Wednesday April 19th 8:35 am
Another awesome evening of fishing on the deleware. Stopped counting at around forty with non stop action and even a quad hookup in the mix. Everyone seemed to be catching last night including the 20 or so shore anglers who where stacked up like shad in front of the Lehigh fish ladder. See u guys again tonight!!!!
Dick | Easton | Wednesday April 19th 1:44 am
Roughrider, The fish comm. maintenance crew was at Sandts Eddy today with a small frontend loader working on the ramp. I didn't see the finished product, but I imagine it should be cleaned up.
Bob | Emmaus | Tuesday April 18th 8:16 pm
Hello All, Shad newbie here. Fished twice right below first railroad bridge in Easton. Hooked one in 2 outings . Thinking of fishing for 2 hours tomorrow morning starting at first light. Would scotts park or railroad bridges be better in Easton? Will. E wading. Thank you!
Kevin | Yardley | Tuesday April 18th 4:39 pm
Went 14 for 20 this am in 3hrs. Water temperature 55. Water stained. and dropped about 12inches from Sunday. Still debris showers predicted will help keep flow up. Back out tomorrow with 2 newbies. Hope action is consistent. Ended the am with a 6.5lb roe. All on chart/ spoons. Hope to see all at the shad mtg tomorrow night. Bring your friends too. Don't miss this great event.!
Roughrider | Martins creek ramp | Tuesday April 18th 8:41 am
Hope somebody cleans out the sands eddy ramp, a foot of muck on the ramp last night. We get any rain it's gonna be a real mess.
Ironshad | Johnstown pa | Tuesday April 18th 7:39 am
We had a good evening from the boat caught 25 shad. Did a little exploring north of Easton and ran into our buddy Bob Wambold. He anchored up behind us and proceeded to put on a clinic with numerous triples landed by himself!!!Catching a lot more bucks last night. Hopefully this action holds up till this weekend
Dave Fehr | Easton | Monday April 17th 9:58 pm
Fry's Run finally had a bit of beach to fish from. 3 man crew had 9 in 2 hrs, but bigger and better fish than Scott park had earlier in the day.
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Monday April 17th 9:51 pm
Fished from shore tonight, got on river 4:40, quit at 7:40. I lost count around 15 and that was just under an hour. It got even better during hour 2, and hour 3 was about same as hour 1 overall. Often, it was a fish on every cast. At times, it took 5 or 6 casts. Only one roe. Great awesome session, once again. Really liking the 2017 Shad run so far.
Adam | Brooklyn, NY | Monday April 17th 6:52 pm
Hi all, DC area transplant now living in Brooklyn, NY. Got out on the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers with my buddy this past weekend. My buddy and I caught an overabundance of Hickorys and 6 Americans (though they're smaller than those you see out of the Delaware). It's always a thrill to see them in the Rapp, though. I'm pretty anxious to get out on the Delaware to catch some big shad. I've been looking through the website for a few good public access fishing spots to check out over the coming weekends in NJ. I'm without a boat, but with waders... I'm looking for any guidance or suggestions of places to check out or maybe meet some folks willing to share some local knowledge. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to the SeWyCo meet-up on Wednesday due to work travel (and, well, it's a long way to go). I've picked up some info from this log, but any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday April 16th 6:17 pm
20 shad boated today. Many LDR's too. Water temperature 53.5. Lots of debris still coming down. Water stained, about 1ft visibility. All on spoons chart/red, org/blk, pink/blk. Saw a few fello boats..,,not much success. One landed a legal striper on swim shad. River dropped aout a ft from yesterday. Tight lines..,,see u on the river. Kevin
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Sunday April 16th 10:39 am
Well what can I say about yesterday afternoon and this morning, other that it was simply the best I have seen since the magic 90s. Took two first-timers yesterday on my boat, father and 9 yr old son along with my 20 year old college student. Launched a spot I never fished before on a "hunch" and dropped anchor at 2pm, pulled anchor at 5:10 pm, as we simply had enough, although part of me wanted to go for "100". We boated 65 shad in that timeframe, with 6 roe, and the largest pictured was 6.5 lbs on the boga grip. It was frenetic, many doubles, triples and some tangles along the way to slow us down. For most of the session, really could not get all the lines in. To reinforce that I absolutely suck with spoons, I tried them several times to no avail - not even a bump. Small pink head and chartreuse darts won the day, behind 1/4 and 3/8 ounce in-line sinkers. It doesn't get any better than taking first timers and kids and seeing them experience the unbelievable. That's why I love shad fishing from my boat. Switching gears to this morning, just a bit north of there, was just me and a rod and my yellow lab, fishing alongside Minda and a few others. Got to meat Capt. Alex as I was leaving, who was hooking up immediately as I left the hot bite. I don't know how many I landed, nor could I tell you how many Minda landed. I fished from 6:30 to 9:05 and it was pretty much a fish on every cast during that session. Once in a while would go 2 or 3 casts without a hit but that was rare. One of the best mornings I ever had from shore, although I never landed a roe, and Minda only landed one. . I am blessed to be able to experience boat and shore fishing for this amazing natural resource. I concur with what some Easton men had mentioned last week - it's some of the best if not the best shad fishing ever. I would have to go back to the 90s to compare.
Frank | | Saturday April 15th 5:38 pm
Riverwolf, thanks, I'll give it a go next week!