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STEVE ROMAIN | vernon | Thursday April 12th 7:07 pm
Rusty, I have never fished the EASTON area, first time bringing my boat on the big D, FIRST TIME FISHING FOR SHAD TOO!! just want to try it as I hear it will get me hooked!!!
Rusty balls | | Thursday April 12th 6:46 pm
Steve Fish easton if ur close I’ll be there fri sat sun
STEVE ROMAIN | VERNON | Thursday April 12th 3:16 pm
First time trying to go shad fishing, wanted to try this weekend, any intel on where to go ? I have a 19 ft tracker boat
cs | lk hopatcong | Thursday April 12th 3:06 pm
Need recent info shore casting around the gap.
Snizzy | | Thursday April 12th 1:47 pm
Did ok today went 4 for 5 in 2hrs wanted to make sure boat was running good landed one nice roe 4.5 lbs and lost one downrigger to the delaware water was 41. Seems real quiet on here with the tournement coming up
Shadfather | Easton | Thursday April 12th 1:34 pm
They're doing a great job of making people hate their town and never come back over there.
Ron Bauer | Phillipsburg, NJ | Thursday April 12th 10:37 am
Regarding parking at the ramp in Phillipsburg, I contacted the Phillipsburg Police and they advised me on Thursday, April 12th at 10:30 AM that the season passes have not come in and anyone using the parking area must pay for a daily pass! Being on the list for a season pass does not exempt one from paying for parking. Tight Lines!!
Rusty Balls Tackle & Guide Service | | Wednesday April 11th 8:33 am
Enter the bi state shad fishing contest for 40 also get a chance with ur entry to win a 12k jet boat I'll be on the river fri, sat sun in Easton...if u need spoons ,darts & anchors let me know...Rusty...484-239-4723
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Wednesday April 11th 7:08 am
Hi Noobie, I'm not sure where you can catch smoked shad, though. The water temp in the Schuylkill by the Art Museum is up to 48F this morning per the Rivercast site... I wonder if there are any fish in that tributary of the Delaware.
RUSTY BALLS TACKLE & GUIDE SERVICE | | Wednesday April 11th 6:16 am
RUSTY BALLS | | Wednesday April 11th 6:14 am
Lamar Fennell | Easton | Tuesday April 10th 4:20 pm
Anybody know if the shad are in Easton yet
somethin! fishy | Bethlehem | Tuesday April 10th 11:35 am
komar | vernon | Monday April 9th 4:29 pm
Hoping to get out this Sat. Does anyone know if there are any shad up to the Bushkill area yet?
| | Monday April 9th 3:41 pm
anyone catching in Easton today??
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Monday April 9th 1:51 pm
Noobie....anywhere from Trenton to Easton....limit is three fish.....keep only what you are going to use...Thanks
Noobie | Trentron PA | Monday April 9th 1:16 pm
I am new to the shad fishing this year. I want to try the smoked shad. Does anyone know what part of delaware river I can harvest shad? Its bit confusing on the PA web.
charlie shapiro | long branch n.j. | Monday April 9th 7:53 am
saltyh2ofly | New Jersey Shore | Sunday April 8th 10:22 pm
Can't wait till spring gets here......oh it did? Well then hope to see others with the fly on the river soon. Tight lines to all you fishermen this spring.
RPS | Greeley | Sunday April 8th 11:19 am
The water temp. is staying around the 40's up here. We had 24 this morning and their calling for snow Tuesday morning the river is still high but slowly going down. Hopefully the warm at the end of the week will start some action.
HookerMan | DWG | Saturday April 7th 8:23 pm
I didn't get a line wet, but I hiked McDade with the dog and kids at Smithfield today. The river looked pretty damn cold and lonely! I think we've got a minute before it gets hot up this way. Hopefully I'm wrong.
Weo | Jamison Pa | Saturday April 7th 12:01 am
Hey frank, glade to hear you got into them at Lambertville, and yes I hooked up with my first of the season on Sat 31st. at Lambertville I boated 8 and lost 3 I was back out on Sunday but over night the water came up a good foot and there was a lot of stuff loading up the lines. I fished from 1pm to 3pm and boated 1 fish. I'll be fishing Trenton tomorrow so we will see how that goes, I know the water is running high and fast now so hopefully it won't be to bad.
| | Friday April 6th 2:25 pm
WG, you have my most sincere esteem. Good for you for making the effort. It takes true devotion tothe cause to get out in this weather. Catching anything is gravy.
Chiggy | Frackville | Friday April 6th 2:55 am
This is for my fishing buddies Howie and Spade, I have been watching the weather, looks like a week or 10 days and Smithfield should start producing.
Kevin | Bushkill PA- National Park Service Visitors Center April 18 2018- World Fish Migration Day | Thursday April 5th 8:58 pm
Please join me to help celebrate the American Shad and the Delaware River Shad Fisherman's Association at the World Fish Migration Day event at the Delaware Water Gap National Park Visitors Center located on Rt 209 in Bushkill PA. I was selected to be the keynote speaker at this event on April 21,2018 . The event runs from 1pm to 3pm and also celebrates Earth Day and Junior Park Ranger Day at the National Park Service Visitors Center located in BushKill, PA. I will conduct a seminar on Shad Fishing the Delaware River and speak on shad ecology, migration as well as tips, techniques and locations of where to consistently land shad in the Big D. Please share this with your fishing friends and bring the kids as this will be an informative day promoting fish, water, migratory fish species and the Delaware River watershed. Look forward to seeing you there and on the river this Spring chasing the elusive American Shad. Kevin Ingram, 35 year member and volunteer, Delaware River Shad Fisherman's Assocation
WG | | Thursday April 5th 2:12 pm
Fishing report 4/4/18- fished the Delaware River in bucks county section. Had about 45 minutes inthe afternoon to fish. I landed to American shad and I 20-inch walleye.... wind was brutal and lots of leaves inthe river....these cold fronts are killing the shad fishing!
Shadfather | | Wednesday April 4th 7:40 am
ShadHarris, If you're only going to fish at Easton during the shad contest you won't need a permit. Parking is free during the 4 day contest. If you want to park and fish there at any other time you either have to have a season permit, $35 for non P'burg residents or pay a daily fee at the lot every time you fish. If you don't have a permit and are parking your truck and trailer it will cost you $10 for 3 hours and another $10 for the rest of the day for a $20 max for the day. You got to figure out how often you will be there and decide what to do. If you want a permit call the Pburg municipal building 908-454-5500 and put your name and number on the list.
ShadHarris | | Tuesday April 3rd 10:12 pm
Please summarize what it would take for a non P-burg resident to legally park in the boat launch parking lot? And - would same rules apply to the bi-state tournament? Assuming fees must be paid, is there a day pass and a season pass available> What are the costs/
Shadfather | Easton | Tuesday April 3rd 9:52 pm
Attended the Pburg town council meeting with Shadster and his brother Jim tonight. The council voted to override the mayors veto and passed the parking lot ordinance becoming effective April 9th. Not sure when we will get the parking passes but if you want one call the municipal building and put your name and phone number on the list. $25 for residents and $35 for non Pburg people.
Shadfather | | Tuesday April 3rd 3:35 pm
Frank, don't get confused by this sentence in Mr. Fulper's response...I can confidently confirm there will be NO boat launch fee to utilize the Towns boat launch, There will also be NO parking fee during the Shad Tournament and other special events under the new town parking ordinance. While he says there will be "NO boat launch fee" if you read between the lines there's no mention of "NO parking fees" outside of the shad contest!!! Unless he's confusing a boat launch fee with a parking fee which I doubt.
| | Tuesday April 3rd 8:55 am
April 1st, fished Easton from 6:45 till 11. Clear water in Lehigh provided 19 for 23. Was a great morning. Wind picked up, bite shut down.
Jason | Buckingham | Monday April 2nd 4:42 pm
Fished out of fireman’s eddy on 3/31/18 down to the Washington crossing bridge from 4till dark. Not a single bump.
Shadfather | | Monday April 2nd 2:11 pm
I was at the last council meeting on 3/20/18 with several other fishermen who have been following this since last summer. The council voted 5-0 that everybody will be paying to park. I think they said seniors and veterans will get a 15% discount. The permit season is supposed to be from April 1st to Nov. 1st. It's not final until the end of a 20 day period from the last meeting. That's April 9th. Permits are supposed to be $25 for Pburg residents and $35 for out of town residents. I believe the mayor can veto the ordinance any time during the 20 days. If he does I think the council can override it with a 4-1 vote. There's supposed to be another meeting tomorrow April 3rd as far as I know. If you want to attend the meeting and hear things for yourself you're welcome to it. If I'm wrong about anything above somebody can correct me.
frank congilio jr | Burg NJ | Monday April 2nd 10:36 am
This post is in response to a post concerning a ridiculous launching fee at the Phillipsburg boat launch I've reached out to the New Jersey Division & Game ,here is the NJDFGW response As far as I know this ramp is not under control of DFG. Green Acres funding may have been acquired the land and /or paid for all or part of the ramp construction, but the GA Program turns such properties over to the entities such as this agency or in this case of P-BURG to the town. Therefore it would be the town's responsibility to maintain the ramp. I've also reached out to the President of P-burg town council Mr. Robert Fulper ,This is his response. I can confidently confirm there will be NO boat launch fee to utilize the Towns boat launch, There will also be NO parking fee during the Shad Tournament and other special events under the new town parking ordinance. Anyone that would like emails forwarded contact me
Rusty balls | | Monday April 2nd 6:49 am
If u fish burg ramp get your wallet out minimum ten dollars for 3 hours unless it's a special event then it's ten dollars for all day...if it's not a special event it's 20 bucks all day
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday April 2nd 6:19 am
fishermanfrank | Southampton,PA | Sunday April 1st 11:20 am
went to Trenton On Wednesday fished with Buddy Ron only boat there we went 0 for 2. Launched from Lambertville on Friday3/30/18 about 3 boats in am Cloudy, water temp.46 . finally caught shad Joe & I caught 4 for 5 all buck started raining at 2:15pm left at 3:30 good start . hey Weo hope your catching them now . how did U do this weekend Rusty?
Tkoz | Harmony | Sunday April 1st 10:26 am
The dog and i did some casting from 830 to 1015am from shore. Wind picked up and kind of made in unpleasant. Went 0 for 0. Merry EASTER
| | Sunday April 1st 7:56 am
And the pay box
| | Sunday April 1st 7:55 am
Pete | | Sunday April 1st 7:54 am
Bourgeois parking info
Bob G | NJ | Sunday April 1st 7:34 am
Riverwolf, the inflow from the West Branch at Walton was up to about 3500 cfs. That helps to fill Cannonsville Reservoir. The outflow at Stilesville was 1100 cfs for almost 3 full days. Hale Eddy peaked at over 3000 cfs on Friday. Likely, rain and snow melt since the Beaverkill hit 2000 cfs. Fishes Eddy nearly hit 3000 cfs. These are all big numbers. The Beaverkill merges with the East Branch in East Branch, NY then the East and West Branch merge at Hancock, NY. The earliest gauge following those merges is Lordville on the Main Stem Delaware and that nearly hit 8000 cfs Friday into Saturday. With many tribs feeding in as it flows south it gains more power and flow. The Belvidere gauge shows 17000 right now. So, you are correct! Its coming from the Tailwaters (East & West Branch) and headwaters (Beaverkill) in the Catskills.
Rudy529 | Bethlehem,Pa | Saturday March 31st 7:37 pm
Regielsville, NJ boat launch from 130-330 6 for 6 all buck and 1, 5/ lb roe! All good more to come. Water temp 49 degrees
| | Saturday March 31st 7:14 pm
How is the water levels and color???
Tony | Stockton | Saturday March 31st 6:07 pm
Took the boat out too work out all the kinks for the first time this year. Surprisingly it fired right up an everything worked like the 16 year old beater that is was new. So I decided to try my luck fishing and went 19 for 20 in under 2 hours. It’s on 46.7 water temp.
RPS | Greeley | Saturday March 31st 5:39 pm
Fished Zane Grey 2 - 4:30 this afternoon got one trout no shad the main river was muddy but by the launch where the Lackawaxen dumps in was clear. The water temp was 42 above the Lackawaxen and 43 below.
Hal | New Hope | Saturday March 31st 1:26 pm
Need some help. I just moved to New Hope from Easton. I need boat serviced pretty badly. Merc 60/40. Anyone recommend a place reasonably close to New Hope?
Rich | | Saturday March 31st 11:55 am
Shadpappy posted on woofish (see 2017 shad reports, no 2081 page this year) about a permit to park by the Phillipsbug launch. Haven't heard anything about Easton parking.
| | Friday March 30th 11:47 pm
What's the deal with paying to park in Easton
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday March 30th 7:54 pm
Fished 11 to 4pm....went 3 for 7....water temp 45