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Jason | Langhorne | Thursday April 19th 9:17 am
Fished New Hope Wednesday morning 6:45-10:30, went 5 for 9 with 2 big roe in the mix (1 hickory). Took 1.5 hr to get number 1. Once I figured out they were stacked 8ft from where I stood, not the 12-15 I was fishing, it got easier but still very slow compared to March '17 in similar conditions; I think the water temp is the difference this yr.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Thursday April 19th 7:55 am
I'm amazed and frustrated by how long it's taking for the river to come back down to more fishable levels. The fact that the temperature of the water is down to 45F bugs me, too. Who's in charge! I am not happy with how this fishing season is being run. 2 for 4 on the season so far... sad. I wish I could have made the meeting last night. I would have had to sleep over somewhere, though.
Kevin | Yardley | Thursday April 19th 5:47 am
Great turnout for last night's DRSFA Shad Mtg in Bethlehem. We had a packed house and lots of good questions and feedback from the seminars we presented. Aways great to share tips and techniques on landing shad. Let's hope the weather patterns improve so we can get back on the shad action. Tight lines and see you on the river.' Kevin
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Thursday April 19th 12:52 am
Thanks to all for making last night's meeting one of the best yet....
| | Wednesday April 18th 9:35 pm
rudy529 | Bethlehem | Wednesday April 18th 12:12 pm
This is my Bible for river conditions.
| | Wednesday April 18th 8:48 am
How dirty is the Lehigh-Delaware confluence??
G Shields | Bensalem, PA | Tuesday April 17th 10:09 pm
I got about two hours in on Sunday the 15th around Lambertville. Went 1 for 3. Got it on video.
Declan Brooks | Delco/Philly | Tuesday April 17th 4:44 pm
I live in Brookhaven. I'm used to fishing for largemouth and pickerel in south jersey where I'm originally from. Trying to get used to this change in fishing ecosystems and the lack there of pickerels. I Just found out about shad fishing last week and I gave it a try at the water works by the art museum in philly. Loved it. I would love to find out where else to go and fish them. Preferably what is near me (I.e John heinz, waterways towards brookhaven/chester, etc). Any info is appreciated. My cell is 6092217078. Feel free to shoot me a text, just let me know who you are and in what regards. I will fish primarily on shore but am considering purchasing a sit on top kayak. I work in the city, so anything on the Schuykill is awesome to here. Willing to fish with onyone and willing to compensate for guiding if need be. Thank you ALL!
Kevin | Se Wy Co Fire Hall Wed 4_18@7pm | Tuesday April 17th 9:27 am
Just a reminder, I'll be presenting a seminar on Delaware River Shad Fishing tomorrow night at 7pm at our annual Shad Night. If you are new to shad fishing this is for you.Raffle tix, vendors, door prizes and fishing trips will be raffled off too. Refreshments will be served and free admission and parking. Share this with your friends too. Hope to see you there!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Tuesday April 17th 7:35 am
josephmtree at yahoo dot com
Pete | | Monday April 16th 3:12 pm River levels
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Monday April 16th 2:40 pm
I took a great picture of the conditions of the river at the Fireman's Eddy. It's 8.75 MB - too big for posting and I don't know how to reduce it. Oh well, suffice to say that the first 10 yards look like you could walk on all the debris out to the main flow. It was cool to watch the water level coming up, going 2 inches higher on the marker stick I'd jabbed in at the water line in the half hour or so I was there. Nobody is going to put a boat in today with all those tree trunks cannoning down! Whoowee! Now all I can do is wait and watch the gauges. >>>>> Linus, email me.
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday April 16th 2:23 pm
Linus | NJ | Monday April 16th 2:06 pm
Joseph and Kevin, thank you so much for sharing the information! I’ll keep you posted when I try next time.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Monday April 16th 1:59 pm
Craig....check the links on this site....There are 2 river stage sites...
Craig Reimer | Pottsville, PA | Monday April 16th 1:14 pm
Anybody living or fishing the Delaware between Bushkill and Easton: Could you tell me the river conditions since this rain or does anyone know a web sight that can show live images of river conditions in these areas ( i.e. extremely high water, muddy, lots of debris, etc. ) ? Any information would be very helpful before I make the trek and possible waste gas and time. Thank you in advance!
Shadfather | Easton | Monday April 16th 8:13 am
Fished in sunny 80 degree weather on Saturday with my nephew and got 37. Fished Sunday with a couple of Bi-State shad contest sponsors in miserable cold, windy and damp conditions and caught 61 by noon time. Had many larger roe that day. Water was 55.5 in the morning but was dropping as the day went on. This was the first time shad fishing for these two and they couldn't have been happier! Funny how you don't really notice the weather when you're catching the fish. A purple and silver spoon did the trick on Sunday. My black and orange on silver was working too. Only 3 or 4 boats out on Sunday.
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday April 16th 6:42 am
RUSTY BALLS | EASTON | Monday April 16th 6:38 am
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday April 15th 10:44 pm
Linus, Fishing near the Scudders Falls bridge is not available now due to the new bridge construction. Best area for shad fishing from shore will be the Lumberville area near the wing dam from the Bulls Island State Park on Rt 29. You can cast from shore and be near the channel here. Hope this helps. Kevin
Dave | Bucks county | Sunday April 15th 8:49 pm
Had the best day of Shad fishing in 30 years. Really glad to see the guidance on proper release techniques. I saw some disrespectful releases on Saturday so I hope folks listen to the advice. This resource is a true treasure.
Nate | Washington Crossing | Sunday April 15th 6:39 pm
Fished this morning 7:30 to 10 from shore in Washington Crossing area. Went 0 for 2 with no other bumps. Three other fishermen no action.
Joseph C | Phoenixville, PA | Sunday April 15th 6:36 pm
Linus, It's really tough to find a shore spot near Scudders Falls. I've tried right at the falls where you can find a place to cast where the water cycles back under the side channel on the Jersey side. I've even caught fish there. It's neither safe nor particularly productive. Somebody might give you some tips about a place to fish downriver. While it gets trickier as you actually get into Trenton, there are people who do quite well there (Tom?) Not my area, though. I usually head up to closer to Lambertville, which is about 8 or 9 miles from my office in Ewing.
Linus Qiu | Scudders Fall bridge | Sunday April 15th 2:24 pm
I’m new to shad fishing. Can anyone recommend some good spots for inshore fishing near Scudders Fall bridge? Thanks!
Rooferbird | Easton | Sunday April 15th 2:14 pm
Today was my first time out this year with a busy schedule. Fished solo in my boat from 6:15-9:15 south of Easton. Water temp was hovering around 52. I went 25 for 26. A few doubles and a triple. Couple of other knockdowns. I had a nice roe snap my rig off at the boat but luckily I snagged it with another rod still landed the fish. Good mix of bucks and roe's. The river is forecast to get ugly after this rain.
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday April 15th 1:26 pm
Shadharris, you were fishing near Deiter, who guides in Lambertville. He is a fixture in this area. He is a good resource in tthis section. I fish below in Yardley to intercept them before he gets into them. Try org_& blk spoons next time. They are my top producer. Glad you enjoyed our Middle Delaware
| | Sunday April 15th 10:51 am
Lost wallet at either pburg ramp or reigelsville ramp. 484-637-6552 If you find it. Thx.
ShadHarris | home | Sunday April 15th 9:43 am
WaterGrampus is RIGHT - only way to handle shad from shore is to pin it against your WET waders with your WET hand. It immobilizes them, and if you can get them upside down even better but not required, it just happens to work out sometimes. If you want a picture wet hands, hold gently with two wet hands. If you just want a water pic gently lead to shore but do not put on rocks or dirt... Leave in water and quickly snap pic and let it go. Boat fishing - rubber nets only, not only do they minimize damage to fish, they avoid costly tangles in the net during a hot bite to slow you down. Nothing worse than 3 on at once and no net available because your dart or spoon is all tangled in the net with a buried barb.
ShadHarris | New Hope / Lambertville | Sunday April 15th 9:39 am
Took boat as far south as I ever had down by New Hope to see if my Northern techniques could work...Great fun with my cousin and our better halves, the girls got bored quick so gave up a good spot to drop them off then moved around a bit and got it going although not to my expected pace. We netted 20 out of about 28 hookups up to 5.15lbs. Nice fishing virgin (to me) waters. I watched a guide that had his spot secured with a floating anchor go easily 4 to our 1 as he was doing what I normally expect in my familiar spots. Very nice guy - gave us some tips where to fish to start, and even offered to have us anchor right next to him but that is not my style. It was cool to have a cheering section up on the footbridge cheering his continual netting and releasing of shad directly under them. I think an early season visit to these two wonderful towns connected by the footbridge will be an annual thing, maybe next time get a room. So many cool bars and restaurants and shops, not just about the fishing. Next year - I will explore waters further North, that wing dam looks pretty scary for the novice to those waters so I think I will avoid that :)
WaterGrampus | Buck's County | Sunday April 15th 8:39 am
Fished next to two guys yesterday fishing from shore in Buck's County who were really dialed in - must have landed 40 between them. They were great at catching -- but awful at releasing! PLEASE DO NOT GRAB SHAD BEHIND THE HEAD PINCHING DOWN ON THE GILL PLATE -- you will rupture the gills and kill the fish!! Best way to release a shad while wading is to brace the fish against your waders with one hand and remove the dart/spoon with the other keeping the fish in the water the entire time. Yes, shad wriggle around a lot, but this is the best way to release them unharmed! You can also guide them into shallow water until they are on their sides and twist the dart/spoon free, then turn them around and push them back into the current where they will swim away. Don't drag the fish on the shore where it will flop around and lose scales/slime. Either that or bring a RUBBER catch and release net. Again, do not remove the fish from the water -- there is no need. De-barb hooks, too. Though I don't believe it results in lost fish, for the sake of argument let's say it results in a 10 percent loss of shad you hook. That means the shore guys I saw yesterday would have landed 36 instead of 40. Not a big deal. Of course none of this matters if you are keeping shad. It's great to see the runs returning with larger fish this year. Let's respect and honor these amazing fish with a clean release that does as little harm as possible. THANKS!!
Tom | Trenton | Sunday April 15th 7:18 am
On Saturday the fifteenth on mid to dead low tide I caught 16 shad to 5#. I used a gold/green flutter spoon and a one half ounce in line sinker. Strangely I only lost 3 shad...rare, I usually lose more. Believe me, dead low is very tough to fish from shore because of how fast the water moves. Mid tides usually the most productive, because the fish seem super active. Good luck up north.
Wayne Arrants | Lambertville, N.J. | Saturday April 14th 9:17 pm
We fished near the Lambertville bridge, 1pm to 4:30 pm. Landed 15 lost 5 to 4lb.Water free of junk but not clear. Wayne
RPS | Greeley | Saturday April 14th 8:21 pm
Fished Zane Grey 10- 12 this mourning and 3:30-6:00 tonight got 0.
James L | Shohola | Saturday April 14th 5:13 pm
No luck for shad yesterday around Matamoras, or this afternoon around Zane Grey. I've only heard of a handful of hookups in the area over the last week. As I left Zane Grey, RPS was showing up to give it a try. Water Temperature by the shore was 52, but I'm sure the channel was a bit cooler.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Saturday April 14th 5:06 pm
Fished Reigelsville today 7 till 2....went 18 for is yet to come
Tony | South of Frenchtown | Saturday April 14th 2:15 pm
Insane run of fish this morning. Fished 4 hours and put 69 in the net as well as 50 or 60 more we let flop off at the side of the boat. Started out with 6 poles between us,but with the shad hitting faster than you could put the rod in the holder we went down to 3 Crankbaits too keep from burning out. Having 4 and 5 shad at a time was to much too handle and felt like work. We only fished flat lines and cranks with spoons,color,depth of cranks and split shot size made no difference. If it wasn’t on the bottom you had a fish on in seconds.
Joseph C | Phoenixville, PA | Saturday April 14th 9:52 am
Halleluiah! I finally broke the ice yesterday going 2 for 4 from the shore below Lambertville. It took 2 trips to the river to do it. In the AM I only had one hour to try before I had to do a school Arbor Day presentation, and started at 0815, fishing until 0900 before I had my first real shad strike of the season. It was a jumpy buck that made 2 runs and threw my hook. It only took 10 minutes of counting down (5 more casts!) and I got another hook up, same thing, with a buck jumping 4 or 5 times and then throwing my dart. Still, I was a very happy fisherman! In the PM about 1:45 I got back to the same place and found half a dozen folks fishing without much action. It took a couple hours enjoying the breezes and the sunshine, 83F!, and then I caught a couple good roe before I had to head home. I was throwing a double dart rig, 3/8 and 1/16 oz in mostly chartreuse. There was a lot of talk about the shore and boats doing fabulously down in Trenton. I heard that people were even snagging Sturgeon.
Kyle | America | Saturday April 14th 5:42 am
Fished Harmony area Friday 330-630 landed 13 shad &1 walleye caught on down riggers .watertemp was 48 degrees mix of Buck& roe.
Tom | Trenton | Saturday April 14th 3:55 am
Thursday/Friday April 12/13 Very large runs of shad passed through Trenton on these 2 days. Most of the fish were caught from shore, and the tide didn't seem to matter. Flutter spoons were the preferred lure. Most of the guys present were actually tired and sore, because many of the fish were in the 5# class. They will be in Lambertville by Saturday the fourteenth. Good luck to the shad fishermen in the north.
Wx | | Friday April 13th 5:45 pm
Caught one in 3 hours in Yardley. Saw other boats getting them too. It’s starting!
Tom | | Friday April 13th 4:43 pm
What is the "daily" fee for parking?
Daddy | Pa | Friday April 13th 4:30 pm
Rusty balls | | Friday April 13th 3:50 pm
Fished Easton today 27 so far still fishing 51 degrees
STEVE ROMAIN | VERNON | Friday April 13th 3:44 pm
How did everyone do today? Coming down to Phillipsburg this Sunday to take my first crack at some SHAD fishing
cs | lk hopatcng | Friday April 13th 9:08 am
Maurer : Thanks for the info. I will be out this weekend.
Rusty balls | | Friday April 13th 7:42 am
Steve u can call me I’ll be on the river fri sat and maybe Sunday 4842394723
Kevin | Yardley | Thursday April 12th 10:14 pm
Went 5 for 7yesterday. Water clean, 43degrees in am, was 45 by 4 pm. Lines has minor debris, caught on plug rig and flat lines in 7ft of water. Only saw 3 other boats and had limited success. Warmer weather should improve shad migration. Heavy rains forecast for Monday will dirty up the flow and slow the bite. See u on the river. Kevin
Maurer | Belvidere | Thursday April 12th 9:13 pm
Fished pretty hard the past couple days from shore... its been a slow pick but seemed to be picking up today the longer it was warm out. Back out first thing tomorrow morning.
Boat Crazy | RgVille | Thursday April 12th 7:25 pm
Buddy fished there among three boats today. Not a hit . hoping the weekend it lights up