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| | Wednesday April 19th 12:09 pm
Ironshad | Johnstown pa | Wednesday April 19th 8:35 am
Another awesome evening of fishing on the deleware. Stopped counting at around forty with non stop action and even a quad hookup in the mix. Everyone seemed to be catching last night including the 20 or so shore anglers who where stacked up like shad in front of the Lehigh fish ladder. See u guys again tonight!!!!
Dick | Easton | Wednesday April 19th 1:44 am
Roughrider, The fish comm. maintenance crew was at Sandts Eddy today with a small frontend loader working on the ramp. I didn't see the finished product, but I imagine it should be cleaned up.
Bob | Emmaus | Tuesday April 18th 8:16 pm
Hello All, Shad newbie here. Fished twice right below first railroad bridge in Easton. Hooked one in 2 outings . Thinking of fishing for 2 hours tomorrow morning starting at first light. Would scotts park or railroad bridges be better in Easton? Will. E wading. Thank you!
Kevin | Yardley | Tuesday April 18th 4:39 pm
Went 14 for 20 this am in 3hrs. Water temperature 55. Water stained. and dropped about 12inches from Sunday. Still debris showers predicted will help keep flow up. Back out tomorrow with 2 newbies. Hope action is consistent. Ended the am with a 6.5lb roe. All on chart/ spoons. Hope to see all at the shad mtg tomorrow night. Bring your friends too. Don't miss this great event.!
Roughrider | Martins creek ramp | Tuesday April 18th 8:41 am
Hope somebody cleans out the sands eddy ramp, a foot of muck on the ramp last night. We get any rain it's gonna be a real mess.
Ironshad | Johnstown pa | Tuesday April 18th 7:39 am
We had a good evening from the boat caught 25 shad. Did a little exploring north of Easton and ran into our buddy Bob Wambold. He anchored up behind us and proceeded to put on a clinic with numerous triples landed by himself!!!Catching a lot more bucks last night. Hopefully this action holds up till this weekend
Dave Fehr | Easton | Monday April 17th 9:58 pm
Fry's Run finally had a bit of beach to fish from. 3 man crew had 9 in 2 hrs, but bigger and better fish than Scott park had earlier in the day.
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Monday April 17th 9:51 pm
Fished from shore tonight, got on river 4:40, quit at 7:40. I lost count around 15 and that was just under an hour. It got even better during hour 2, and hour 3 was about same as hour 1 overall. Often, it was a fish on every cast. At times, it took 5 or 6 casts. Only one roe. Great awesome session, once again. Really liking the 2017 Shad run so far.
Adam | Brooklyn, NY | Monday April 17th 6:52 pm
Hi all, DC area transplant now living in Brooklyn, NY. Got out on the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers with my buddy this past weekend. My buddy and I caught an overabundance of Hickorys and 6 Americans (though they're smaller than those you see out of the Delaware). It's always a thrill to see them in the Rapp, though. I'm pretty anxious to get out on the Delaware to catch some big shad. I've been looking through the website for a few good public access fishing spots to check out over the coming weekends in NJ. I'm without a boat, but with waders... I'm looking for any guidance or suggestions of places to check out or maybe meet some folks willing to share some local knowledge. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to the SeWyCo meet-up on Wednesday due to work travel (and, well, it's a long way to go). I've picked up some info from this log, but any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday April 16th 6:17 pm
20 shad boated today. Many LDR's too. Water temperature 53.5. Lots of debris still coming down. Water stained, about 1ft visibility. All on spoons chart/red, org/blk, pink/blk. Saw a few fello boats..,,not much success. One landed a legal striper on swim shad. River dropped aout a ft from yesterday. Tight lines..,,see u on the river. Kevin
ShadHarris | Between Water Gap and Dingman's | Sunday April 16th 10:39 am
Well what can I say about yesterday afternoon and this morning, other that it was simply the best I have seen since the magic 90s. Took two first-timers yesterday on my boat, father and 9 yr old son along with my 20 year old college student. Launched a spot I never fished before on a "hunch" and dropped anchor at 2pm, pulled anchor at 5:10 pm, as we simply had enough, although part of me wanted to go for "100". We boated 65 shad in that timeframe, with 6 roe, and the largest pictured was 6.5 lbs on the boga grip. It was frenetic, many doubles, triples and some tangles along the way to slow us down. For most of the session, really could not get all the lines in. To reinforce that I absolutely suck with spoons, I tried them several times to no avail - not even a bump. Small pink head and chartreuse darts won the day, behind 1/4 and 3/8 ounce in-line sinkers. It doesn't get any better than taking first timers and kids and seeing them experience the unbelievable. That's why I love shad fishing from my boat. Switching gears to this morning, just a bit north of there, was just me and a rod and my yellow lab, fishing alongside Minda and a few others. Got to meat Capt. Alex as I was leaving, who was hooking up immediately as I left the hot bite. I don't know how many I landed, nor could I tell you how many Minda landed. I fished from 6:30 to 9:05 and it was pretty much a fish on every cast during that session. Once in a while would go 2 or 3 casts without a hit but that was rare. One of the best mornings I ever had from shore, although I never landed a roe, and Minda only landed one. . I am blessed to be able to experience boat and shore fishing for this amazing natural resource. I concur with what some Easton men had mentioned last week - it's some of the best if not the best shad fishing ever. I would have to go back to the 90s to compare.
Frank | | Saturday April 15th 5:38 pm
Riverwolf, thanks, I'll give it a go next week!
| | Saturday April 15th 5:38 pm
Riverwolf, thanks, I'll give it a go next week!
Phil | Sandyston | Saturday April 15th 4:18 pm
Here's an oddity. Was fishing with waders yesterday (Good Friday) in Tusten, NY. Shad were the farthest thing from my mind, being 25 miles upstream of Port Jervis. I was catching a few smallies and chubs when I threw out my 1/8th ounce silver Kastmaster, let it sink, made 2 cranks of the handle and an average-size buck shad hit the damn thing. I landed him in normal fashion. Continued to fish for another hour and a half, but no more shad. Maybe the previous high water spread-out the leaders of the run, as the "edge" of the current becomes vague at that time and visibility was surely poor. A pleasant surprise, though.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Saturday April 15th 3:23 pm
Donald......yes you can join wed night......would be a pleasure to meet this high water there is a good hole right up from the boat ramp where the creek runs in......waders are a must.....or right off boat ramp...
jeff | bensalem | Saturday April 15th 3:19 pm
Fished Bulls Island, waded out at the point this morning. Between three of us, landed 40+ shad. They came in like a freight train between 7:00-10:00. Chartreuse was the color of choice.
Frank Petronio | Mahwah, NJ | Saturday April 15th 11:19 am
I am looking for info from anyone who can advise me of opportunities to fish in Belvidere by the bridge at Water St. It looks like a good spot. Is there anywhere to park and are there any holes where the bite may be consistent. Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Frank
Donald Dickison | Dingmans Ferry | Saturday April 15th 8:21 am
Couldn’t find any other contact spot. Can one join the Association on Wednesday night at SeWyCo?
Fjp110 | 19464 | Friday April 14th 9:58 pm
We waded rieglesville pa 9am-1pm. Hooked one and lost it. Few hits here and there. Waded Easton, mouth of the Lehigh, 2-7:30. Two of us caught over 30. A lot of the other guys on shore said Thursday night was WAY better. For my first trip out on the Delaware for shad ever it was a blast. Compared to fishing shad in Md the numbers were way lower but the size of the fish was way larger. I'll be back.....
Njbirddog | Lambertville | Friday April 14th 4:38 pm
Skunkfest south of Lambertville by boat. Fished from 8-12. Not a bump. Spots that usually produced did not. Had a very tough time keeping the lines clean.
ShadHarris | Just North of Gap from shore | Friday April 14th 10:17 am
finally got out, it was as slow 2 hour session quit by 8am. 2 for 2. River 2.5' higher than normal, slightly stained, and exactly 50.5 degrees. Overall - great conditions. It will only get better up here with all the action in Easton right now, maybe this afternoon, maybe tomorrow it should break open.
Kevin | philadelphia | Thursday April 13th 9:01 pm
Just a quick reminder, those fisherman ans fisherwomen new to shad fishing, I'll be conducting a seminar on Shad Fishing the Delaware River on Wed night 4-19-17 at our Annual Shad Night at the Se-Wy-Co Fire Hall on Rt 378 in Bethlehem PA at the monthly DRSFA mtg at 7pm. Raffles, vendors, guided fishing trips raffled off for shad, stripers, and salmon too. Door Prizes and refreshments also!!!!. Seats are limited so get there early. No admission fee. Come out out and get your shad fishing supplies and learn more about consistently landing shad on the Big D. Hope to see you there!!! Kevin, 33 year member and volunteer Delaware River Shad Fisherman"s Association
Roughrider | Nazareth | Thursday April 13th 6:38 pm
Fished Martins creek today from 1 till 4, boated 8 shad, water so dirty we quit early, tired of cleaning lines of debris.
Fjp110 | 19464 | Thursday April 13th 10:48 am
Headed out tomorrow to Riegelsville Pa. First time on the Delaware for shad. Wading upstream is the plan, however all plans are open to change. Hope to see some other people out there too.
ShadHarris | NW NJ | Thursday April 13th 8:54 am
Great to see it busted wide open, and as usual - Easton area delivers the big catches first. I plan on fishing from shore N of gap tomorrow morning and night in between working from home, then head to Easton area with boat at some point Saturday with hopes to find a decent slot to anchor up. Good luck all - be safe!
Iron shad | Johnstown pa | Wednesday April 12th 9:13 pm
We fished along side Eric from the bi-state tourney and another boat this evening at the Lehigh confluence for about 3 hours we landed 50 shad out of around 75. Eric caught 80 and the other boat wAs catching steady all night as well. Plenty of fat roe in the mix and the action was non stop for the entire 3 hours. Pumped for the tournament next week!!!!
Rusty Balls | | Wednesday April 12th 3:03 pm
I'll be on the river fri,sat & sun at Easton/P burg...if u need darts, spoons or an me..Rusty...484-239-4723
Powerfisher | UBE area | Wednesday April 12th 2:32 pm
Hit it for 3 1/2 hrs this morning. Good bite 24 for 29. 3 sets of doubles. Half dozen were roe. Bonus rainbow trout. Hot color was white/red. Water 50.64. Less debris coming down everyday. Less surface activity this morning but there still was some.
Iron shad | Johnstown pa | Wednesday April 12th 10:36 am
Shad father thanks for the tip. Anchor man was still a little rusty from last season lol. We do always have life jackets on board should of had them on last night.
Shadfather | Easton | Wednesday April 12th 7:36 am
Iron shad, I was watching you guys trying to anchor last night. Not sure what kind of anchor you were using but you need to allow for more line to scope out in front of the boat before you try to catch. I see to many guys drop there anchor and let out 12 feet of line and try to catch. In your boat you should allow at least 50 feet of line out in front of your boat before you expect to anchor. I'd have my life jackets on too while you're moving around.
Powerfisher | | Tuesday April 11th 9:44 pm
Fished 4 hrs in the afternoon today. 11 for 15. Chartreuse was the hot color in fact the only color they took. Plenty of shad surfacing in eddys along the bank. Also caught a bonus smallmouth. Water temp topped out at 50.4 North of Lambertville.
Iron shad | Johnstown pa | Tuesday April 11th 9:03 pm
Fished confluence of the Lehigh and deleware this afternoon. Water was high and fast so we had a hard time anchoring for a bit .We only managed 2 roe shad but our buddy Joe got to catch his first shad so the evening was a success. I am going to post his pic!! Way to go Joe!!!!!
weofish | | Monday April 10th 9:31 pm
I was fishing the Lambertville area today from 4pm till 7pm. Water is still a little high and fast, water temp was 48. No fish :/
| | Monday April 10th 8:45 pm
Some shad caught just south of Easton today. River temp 47.5
Iron shad | Johnstown pa | Monday April 10th 10:51 am
Going to try it out at Easton tomorrow night hopefully the river is fishable by then.We should certainly be in the 50 degree range tomorrow
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday April 10th 6:45 am
Kevin | Yardley | Saturday April 8th 10:20 am
With the river still rising, Yardley ramp and lot are under water will not be feasible until Wed next week at the earliest. Next weeks air temps should help with fishing conditions too. Plan to get out Wed and will post a report. See u on the River... Kevin
Tony Saldutti | Bethlehem, PA | Friday April 7th 2:53 pm I went to the DRBC dissolved oxygen meeting. I am the one speaking as 54:30. I hope someone convinced them to abandon their analysis paralysis approach to clean oxygen rich water in the Delaware!
| | Thursday April 6th 1:10 am
I work 7am until 5pm every day except Sunday and Monday they are my days off. The creek I shad fish in runs 20 ft behind the shop I work in. So I plan on taking my rod and going to work a hour early and do a little fishing before work in the morning. Just let me know what's up then when you talk to your fishing buddy. Talk to you later.
Charlie | Elsmere Delaware | Thursday April 6th 12:53 am
Just waiters, but a couple of minutes from the creek it dumps into the Christiana river and I do really go with the stripers there most of the year. If you have a boat you could do some really good striper fishing. I had a 20 ft boat and boat does mean bust out another thousand. I don't have a boat right now. Here is a striper I got the last day of February . I was fishing the Christiana river off a bridge just a couple minutes from my home.
| | Wednesday April 5th 11:52 am
Delaware basin is now shown to be snow free. Only (LOL) rain runoff and reservoir releases to concern us now.
Chiggy | Frackville | Wednesday April 5th 7:16 am
Charlie, Let me talk with my fishing buddy, we will more than likely try to get down there, I'll bring my spay rod and maybe do battle with a stripper, I have work this morning at 10:30. I will E-mail you sometime today or tomorrow.Do we need a boat or just waders.
Charlie | Elsmere Delaware | Wednesday April 5th 1:53 am
I meant chiggy
Charlie | Elsmere Delaware | Wednesday April 5th 1:51 am
Hi highly. I lived in frackville for 26 years . I moved to Elsmere Delaware 12 years ago. I never fished the Delaware river for shad yet. I have 3 different creeks within 5 minutes of my home were I shad fish . I get American and hickory shad weighing up to 4 pounds. I use a ultra light rod with 2 to 4 pound test and small shad darts and spoons and it's the greatest. I have work at 8am but I will be heading out about 5 am for my first day out this year. I haven't heard or been able to find out if there up in Christiana river or white clay creek yet but I have a good feeling they are. The creek is loaded with them beyond belief the creek isn't huge it's on the smaller side but the shad come up in in schools of a hundred or more. My favorite hole is about 30 ft wide and about 70 to 100 ft long and sometimes there is that many shad that's all you can see is the shad and can only see the bottom of the creek right along the shore. Barley anyone goes shad fishing there usually don't see anyone once in a while you might see another guy or two shad fishing there. The strippers follow the shad up in the creek and at night time you can watch 30 inch strippers and bigger eating shad right in front of you. It's also as some to use a medium action pole with 10 pound test and try to play one of those strippers and land it. You really have to set your drag light and have patience cause the fight can last 20 minutes or more. If you love shad fishing it's a spot you must try. If you would be interested just let me know . It's right out side of Wilmington and close to Delaware park race track . I would love to go out shad fishing with another serious die hard who loves shad fishing and appreciates and is grateful we have theses wonder fish come in or creeks and rivers to spawn in the spring time and go all the way back out to the Atlantic ocean. It's the most amazing and wonder thing that happens every spring . When they go back out to the ocean I start counting down the days and thinking about next year's season. Good lunch if you would like to come and try shad fishing here email me at
Rusty Balls | | Tuesday April 4th 2:46 pm
this sucks...rivers going up to 16 ft by friday
RUSTY BALLS | | Tuesday April 4th 2:41 pm
Frank | | Tuesday April 4th 9:12 am
What's the scoop guys , seems like the rain forcast may have been off. How high will the big D get. I'm itching to give it a shot. I'm south of the gap above the old old rail bridge.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Tuesday April 4th 7:36 am
Duff, an 8+ lb qill is up in braggin' territory. You should have gotten a picture!
Duff | | Monday April 3rd 10:12 pm
Turns out while I went south yesterday, Alex Dennis and Dave were in one of my favorite holes. I was there today but they be gone. All the quillbacks you wanted though. Actually had my PB quill about 8+lbs. Ain't that a thrill.