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Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Sunday April 29th 11:03 pm
What size boat was it.....Glad to hear everyone is can be replaced....lives can not....I knew people that drown in the river.....Thanks to all that helped in rescue.....Fishing was slow today....
Jshow | Easton | Sunday April 29th 8:24 pm
Fished Easton boat launch 8-10, nobody catching anything. Water was up a little and temp was just under 50. Moved to below ladder, much more action as temps started to rise. Went 2 for 2 from 10-11 and ppl all around started hitting but I ran out of time. Hope the warmer weather helps this week.
Ironshad | Johnstown | Sunday April 29th 1:52 pm
How was the fishin in Easton today?
| | Sunday April 29th 12:32 pm
For most of you up at Easton you probably saw the recovery of that boat. We saw them dragging it down to Riegelsville. Transom all bent up and otherwise empty.
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday April 29th 10:06 am
Keith, glad you were able to land a bass, at Bulls Island. Keep at it and learn from your experience. Shad Fishing is time on the water and being out on the river. I've been doing this for over 30 years and always learning. Check out our website, for more information on shad and our club. I present a shad seminar annually at our April Shad mtg and have had several attendees commented on how they improved their success from the seminar. Good luck Kevin
Joseph C | Phoenixville, PA | Sunday April 29th 8:42 am
I got about 2.5 hours fishing in on Friday morning at Easton. I was one of a few guys standing in the water on the north side below the dam. We were all catching fish, but the high volume of water coming along made us very careful and gave the fish more advantages than usual. I caught about a dozen fish using darts the whole time. Color didn't matter, just keeping the dart out in front of the fish and off the bottom. The guys around me were catching just fine as well using darts or flutter spoons. I DO love this fishing! My guess is that there were a lot of fishermen out on Saturday and today.
Keith | Bulls Island St Park | Saturday April 28th 10:32 pm
Kevin - thanks for the tip. As my dear dad would say "the fishing was good at Bull's Island, but the catching was not." My boys and I had a nice day on the river and caught a beautiful bass on a shad dart. Nothing else. We also spent several hours fishing up at Belvidere. Saw some fish caught to the right and left of us, but we must have been doing something wrong.
Frank | Easton | Saturday April 28th 9:36 pm
Anyone have any news on how the people are doing that were capsized at Eddyside?
tom | pottstown | Saturday April 28th 8:45 pm
Shadpappy, I saw you pulled the 2nd guy out of the river today, do you have any idea how they are doing? We pulled his son out. Any idea what happened? All his son said was that their boat sank.
Roughrider | Nazareth | Saturday April 28th 6:53 pm
Boat supposed to have sunk at Eddy side, anchor rope in the prop, all you fellas leaving anchors tied unattended in the river to a bottle need to wise up.
RPS | Greeley | Saturday April 28th 5:47 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch 2:30 - 5:00 tonight hooked 6 landed 4 all on darts water temp 50.
Brm | | Saturday April 28th 1:22 pm
Anyone having any luck in dingman/Milford area?
Kevin | Yardley | Saturday April 28th 12:53 pm
Keith from Philly. Try access on Rt 29 Bulls Island St Park North of Rt 202,tackle shop would be Skips Outdoors in Stockton on Rt 29. Tell Skip Kevin sent you.... Good luck
Keith | home near Philly | Friday April 27th 11:22 pm
I'm taking my two boys (10 and 13) out for our first try for the founding fish tomorrow (Saturday). We plan to fish from shore on PA side heading up from Philly. Appreciate any suggestions for good access. The boys are proficient at casting, but we would like to avoid shoulder-to-shoulder conditions, if possible. Also, any suggestions for tackle shops with good dart supply?
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday April 27th 9:18 pm
Fished at Smithfield today....Lots of rock snot.....ugh....water 50....
Ironshad | Johnstown | Friday April 27th 3:28 pm
Water is still off color plenty of debris to deal with but fishin has been steady
Shadfather | | Friday April 27th 1:59 pm
How clean is that water you’re in?
Shadfather | | Friday April 27th 1:57 pm
Ironshad...been steady pick. 39 so far. Got to keep your lines clean!
Ironshad | Johnstown | Friday April 27th 1:53 pm
35 so far for us... just saw your post shadfather I saw u guys nettin quite a few up there.
Shadfather | | Friday April 27th 5:02 am
Ironshad...NO. I’m up and over from you now
Ironshad | Johnstown | Friday April 27th 2:23 am
Anyone do any good in the Lehigh yesterday? How long before it clears up????
Brandon | Easton, Pa | Thursday April 26th 8:36 pm
I got 5 landed on 11 hookups today, not the best catch percentage but a lot of fun. A yellow and green flutter spoon did the trick today.
Snizzy | Alexandria | Thursday April 26th 5:32 pm
Only went 4 for 6 on downriggers caught one 4.2lb but not enough to place river was high 30lb of anchor wasnt really holding how far off the bottom do you guys usually fish downriggers off the bottom good luck to all in the tourney and be safe
Jack | hughesville | Thursday April 26th 1:56 pm
Anything biting on the Musky yet?
Tkos | Harmony | Thursday April 26th 8:06 am
Fished from 6am to 7am this morning. Landed 7, lost 3 while wading. Stopped by belvidere yesterday around noon and saw a few guys catching fish. Good luck to all in the bi state tourney.
kevin | Yardley PA | Wednesday April 25th 8:51 pm
It was lit at Yardley fom 10 am to 4pm today. Several triples and doubles throughout the day. Lots of big roes up to 6lbs in the mix. Fished spoons on plug rig and flat lines in 6 ft of water. Water temp was 52 in the am, rose to 53.8 by 4pm. Overcast and drizzle most of the day, did not hamper the bite. Water is in great shape but may rise due to rains up north. Lost count at 50 fish today. Will be back out next week. Best of luck to all in the tournament....plenty of fish headed North.....Catch & release to preserve the spawn. See you on the river....Kevin
whitetail | shohola | Wednesday April 25th 8:26 pm
it's on in barryville went 7 for 8 5:30 to 7 pm
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday April 25th 7:16 pm
Fished Zane Grey 4:00 - 6:30 tonight got 0.
Ironshad | Johnstown | Wednesday April 25th 7:10 pm
Way to go Rusty! You and Dave keep em warm for us! Unfortunately we will be a day late to the tournament this year because of a new job. Can’t wait to get out there and tear em up with you guys
Peter Bunting | Telford | Wednesday April 25th 6:27 pm
Is the Sandts Eddy ramp in good shape?
Rusty balls | | Wednesday April 25th 5:33 pm
Fished Easton today with Capt dave slamfest 43 Fish in 2-1/2 hrs Sometimes 4 at a time
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday April 24th 8:16 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight 4:00 - 7:00 hooked 5 landed 3 all on chartreuse darts water temp was 51.
Komar | Vernon | Tuesday April 24th 3:17 pm
Fished b Bushkill on Sunday, water temp was 41 when we started. We caught about 20, all bucks on spoons. The water temp was 43 when we left. Looks like we will get washed out for the next couple of days. 2 to 3 inches of rain coming our way. Keep the lines tight.
| | Tuesday April 24th 3:05 pm
FISH WHISPERER, Thanks for the report on the Water Gap,maybe I'll give it a few more days to warm up.
Tom | Trenton | Tuesday April 24th 2:34 pm
Fished in Trenton between 7:00 to 8:30 am and caught 3 t0 4#. Fishing was very difficult, as the water rose 4.5 feet in that 1.5h. I used 1" flutter spoons at first... nothing. Switched to 3/4" and caught the three fish. Only saw one other fish caught under those tough conditions. Afterthought, I should have used some jigs...much less water resistance in that tidal surge.
RUSTY BALLS | | Tuesday April 24th 1:44 pm
Shadfather | | Tuesday April 24th 1:34 pm to love those days!!! Sometimes we get days like that up in Easton when everybody is fishing and somebody will yell MAYHEM!!!!! LOL. It's fun just to sit back and watch that happen!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Tuesday April 24th 1:02 pm
Nothing like a "huge push" fishing from the shore below Lambertville this morning, but it was my best morning there yet this year with 7 fish in a little more than 2 hours. Only 1 roe, the rest very small bucks. Double dart rig with fish hitting both larger and smaller dart. One of the regulars there was in on the mayhem fishing from a boat by the Trenton railway bridge yesterday. He's fished a long time and had never seen the like of it in numbers of fish and average size.
FISH WHISPERER | WATER GAP | Tuesday April 24th 12:08 pm
MONDAY-APRIL 23rd- fished the gap- I caught 3 bucks; 2 other people fishing- they each caught 3- water still cold.
Shadfather | Easton | Tuesday April 24th 7:33 am
Fished about 4 hours yesterday afternoon fishing some different spots other than the usual highly productive spot. Caught 10 along with my largest of the season so far at 24 inches and 5 pounds 5 ounces. Wanted to see how close my weight guess was. It was pretty close. Also found where not to fish too.
| | Monday April 23rd 10:45 pm
Any reports from the Water Gap area?
onemoreshad | Hatfield | Monday April 23rd 8:52 pm
I can confirm the HUGE PUSH. We fished lower river today. Two of us in boat and could not even run more than 3 rods together. Put 100 in boat in 6 hours and missed or lost another 25-35. Many boats with 15-20 fish per hour. Crazy. At one time I saw a dozen boats and everyone had fish on. Many triples when we had a 3rd rod out. COMPLETE MAYHEM. Glad we where part of it!! Tight lines!! Shawn
Riverwolf | coopersburg | Monday April 23rd 8:21 pm
Fished south of Easton today......some nice roes up to 6lbs.....didn't scale but been doing this long enough to know a big fish......HUGE push of fish coming through lower river.....I mean HUGE.....rediculas catch rates....just in time for tourney......
James L | Shohola | Monday April 23rd 7:50 pm
Fished the Matamoras area tonight. I managed one shad. I saw about 15 caught among 10 anglers from 4-6pm. I had to leave, but hopefully they have some extra luck.
RPS | Greeley | Monday April 23rd 6:53 pm
Fished 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm tonight fished at Zane Grey , Barryville ,and below Pond Eddy got nothing water temp was 49 at Barryvile.
Tom | Trenton | Monday April 23rd 5:40 pm
Fished April 23 in Trenton from 10:30am to 1:00pm, and landed 10 fish to 4# on flutter spoons. I did lose an abnormal 6-8 shad.I checked my hook a bunch of times and everything was okay. They must have been just barely getting hooked. The guy next to me did land a bonafide 6# fish, and landed it without a net.There were other fishermen with 5# fish as well. It looks like the run is still on in Trenton.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Monday April 23rd 3:33 pm
...forgot to fill in the header again...
| | Monday April 23rd 3:32 pm
RB, I saw you both, then. Earlier Dollbaby was fishing the main river and they left about 4:00. Later I saw you move over the the Lehigh channel, I think. I was one of the 2 guys wading on the north side from about 3:15 til 5:15, casting up to the white water under the dam. Those guys below the fish ladder looked like they were banging elbows with each other and were up way over their waists in that current. It looked like no fun to me! Cheers! Joseph
| | Monday April 23rd 9:49 am
Anyone fishing the Water Gap area, if so how is the fishing?
RUSTY BALLS | | Monday April 23rd 8:27 am