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RUSTY BALLS | | Wednesday March 8th 2:03 pm
Ironshaf | | Wednesday March 8th 6:29 am
Fished confluence of Leighigh and deleware for a couple of hours last night. Water temp 39 marked a few fish no bites . Gonna try again tonight
C shad now | Rieglesville | Tuesday March 7th 7:23 pm
Went out for the dinner hour and found fish stacked at 20 to 11 feet in deep water. Water temp was 36 F and got one bump. Water flow was up so I found myself having fun doing more distance than fishing through water that I wasn't able to get in last jet, but the skeg guard has my confidence up. Finally got to toss big musky lures at log jams I'd been eyeing up since last year too. Good evening to ditch the wheels for a prop!!
Rusty Balls | | Monday March 6th 9:52 pm
just announced this evening, if ur entered in the bi state shad contest or would like to enter, there is another prize added to the jackpot, Mayberry Marine out of port murray nj has donated a new 16 ft G3 boat with a jet motor and trailer...anyone that registers for the contest has a chance at winning this boat...value of 12,ooo dollars...nice going Eric at 610-762-0440 to enter or go online at shad fishing
C shad now | Rieglesville | Monday March 6th 7:39 pm
Tomorrow...the procrastinator's dream. If I can get work squared away, if the weather parts and if I get the new downrigger on, then it will be go time. If there's no snow, it may as well be fishing season.
Rusty Balls | | Monday March 6th 3:11 pm
Shad tournament meeting tonight at riverside at 630...come on out & have fun & get the latest info
fjp110 | 19464 | Monday March 6th 1:48 pm
I'm a first time Delaware river shad fisherman, spent many years fishing in Maryland. I drove to Rieglesville yesterday to check it out for the first time. Drove down old river Rd on the Nj side and then upstream on the Pa side past Mueller's. No one was fishing anywhere that I saw. Really looking forward to trying this river for the first time this year.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Monday March 6th 7:24 am
Can't catch a fish without a worm in the water! Thus, despite less than ideal conditions, I fished well south of Easton from 1545 hours 'til maybe 30 minutes before sunset. I.E., once the sun dropped below the hill behind where I was fishing I was on the verge of shivering and headed for the barn. Air temp 38.7. Water temp 39.6. Scaled one fish. Scale was big enough to be from a shad, but could have been from a decent size carp. Since the wind was only blowin' 0 - maybe 5 knots max and the sun was on my back it wasn't too bad until the sun dropped low enough to block it. The only excitement was a large adult beaver that spooked itself (and me) when it unwitting surfaced maybe 20 feet to the right of me before it realized I was there, at which point it whorled and gave a slap of its tale sending a 6-8 foot geyser of water into the air and put a hole in the water that would have done a 40# yellowfin proud that had come 3+ feet out of the water and landed on its belly! Will probably try again Tuesday in the afternoon if the rain dies off by noon. Note: The pic is of one of may sticks at the edge of the water with icicles hanging from it. ;-)
weofish | Jamison Pa | Sunday March 5th 9:41 pm
Well I Fished Trenton area today from 12pm till 4:30pm. I was the only one fishing, no other boats or shore fishermen. The water temp was 39 degrees, I have a Humminbird Helix 10 with Mega down and side image sonar and I did not mark any shad runs. So we wait till the water warms up. It was nice being out again. For the record, yes I do have a fire extinguisher on board, and no it was not cold enough to use the heater.
C shad now | Rieglesville | Sunday March 5th 8:02 am
I mostly launch out of Rieglesville nj cause it's 10 mins from me. I also like upper black eddy and in the kayak i frequent raubsville, frys run and easton. The big boats at easton push my little kayak out pretty good, so now with the skeg gaurd on the merc I'm looking to do more in easton this year.
keith wolfthe | coopersburg | Saturday March 4th 8:14 pm
C shad......where do you launch.....
C shad now | Rieglesville | Friday March 3rd 7:41 pm
I'm looking like Tuesday afternoon is the only time in my near future to get out. If you see a boat with a big side sticker that says "pike attacker" give a wave and come fish. I'm only on the shad for two seasons and still learning. Really appreciate all the details on this log. Mostly I fish Nock but the last two years been loving the water on the river. Went from shore yesterday night, but obviously only caught sticks, leaves and brown water....didn't loose any tackle, so not bad given the weather.
Iron shad | Johnstown pa | Friday March 3rd 6:43 pm
Will be fishing Easton this week in the evenings hopefully there will be a few fish around...
Darren | Northampton | Wednesday March 1st 11:29 pm
Yes. From boat. All bucks. Water was 48 mid afternoon.... all on divers. None on the down riggers.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Wednesday March 1st 10:54 pm
Pretty work Darren! I presume you were fishin' from a boat? Bucks? Roes? Water temp. FYI, I was born/raised in Northampton on Washington Ave. Graduated in 1965. ;-)
Darren | Northampton | Wednesday March 1st 9:03 am
Fished where the lehigh empties in to Delaware yesterday with a buddy. Fished for 4 hours landed 7 lost 1.... most bites coming in afternoon on spoons.
C shad now | Rieglesville | Tuesday February 28th 6:17 pm
I gotta say, the early season board this year is good. I'm liking the thread! Of course, more fishing is always good fishing in my opinion. I think I may find a moment to wet the line tomorrow if it's not too horrible out.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Tuesday February 28th 8:11 am
Well Bill, as I jokingly remarked on Woofish, the upside is that some of the better known spots will be less crowded. Also, on a more serious note, it would also be a boon to the season as the water will stay cooler longer which in my opinion has two additional upsides: 1) Shad are cold water fish and they fight best between 40 & 50 degrees. Once we get over 50 degrees the amount of fight in them diminishes dramatically as the oxygen content in the water is degraded. Frankly, once the water gets over 55, they lose a lot of their spunk & have trouble recovering for the spawn after release. Personally, I'll go find another species to play with and let them alone so that more of them reproduce. 2) Also, it could mean the season is prolonged as the water temps may stay lower longer. They won't spawn until the water temps are somewhere above 60 degrees. In short, for guys who are willing to spend more time fishing in chilly weather, what's not to like? :-)
Bill | Philipsburg | Monday February 27th 7:31 pm
What's this is hear about an extended winter due to shift in polar vortex....
Kevin Ingram | Yardley Pa | Sunday February 26th 10:01 pm
Rprs of a few shad landed this week in the Trenton area and Lambertville..,.yes shad ARE. Here in the Big D...get your gear ready!"
Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Saturday February 25th 9:49 pm
C shad, appreciate the sentiment. I should have included a couple of other comments. This was my 3rd trip with a total of 11 hours over the 3 trips invested. No joy on the first 2 trips. Didn't want anyone I thinking I went 1 for 2 in Feb. by ONLY investing 5.5 hours. ;-) Water temp was 45.7 where I was fishing. However, that is not of real consequence. Myself and a couple of other guys I fish with frequently have caught plenty of fish in 39 degree water. One of my buddies hit 'em good in 38 degree water once. If the fish are there, they're there. If they're not, they're not. That said, at those temps you have to know the slot & depth well enough to put it right on their noses. They won't move very far to bang a lure in those temps. Also, water was rising today and with it, increasing amounts of debris. Often, shad fishing doesn't involve a lot of finesse, but when you're dealing with debris, some is required. How, depends on where & how you're fishing, but that is another kettle of fish (pun intended).
C shad now | Rieglesville | Saturday February 25th 6:29 pm
Congrats on the catch!
Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Saturday February 25th 2:18 pm
Acckkk! Forgot to past in the end of the link. My apologies. of Year Shad - 2-25-17.jpg
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Saturday February 25th 2:16 pm
Greetings to all! They're here! Fished from 0640 hours til 1215 hours today well south of Easton. Picked up the honest 4# roe pictured in the link to follow at 0910 hours and lost a small buck at around 1015 hours. Not fast fishing for 5.5 hours; however, it is 2/25/17 and that ain't half bad! Caught on double dart rig green head/chartreuse body/metalflake green tail. of Year Shad - 2-25-17.jpg. You may have to type the url in your browser as I don't know if the DRSFA board supports html links.
Duff | | Saturday February 25th 10:11 am
Weather is NUTS ! Just got a text & Pic of 1st shad caught.
C shad now | Riegelsville | Saturday February 25th 8:39 am
Everything is a sign that points to go fish. Can't catch of the lines not wet.
Mimi | Trenton | Saturday February 25th 7:35 am
The water is 48 at trenton currently will probably hit 50 today is that a sign to go fishing
C shad now | Riegelsville | Thursday February 23rd 7:04 pm
BTW, saw water rise to 42F. It happening!
C shad now | Riegelsville | Thursday February 23rd 7:03 pm
Went out this afternoon cause I had to. Was really looking for wall e ...but one hit that felt right, really right. Nothing in the boat so take it as you will. I'm ready for the run!
Kevin Ingram | Yardley Pa | Thursday February 23rd 4:55 am
Ramp is ready...had some major work done recently..Shad will be here soon...need the temperature close to 50....Spoons shined...ready to go! See u on the River
Rusty Balls | | Tuesday February 21st 3:10 pm
Getting ready to fish with the warm weather...come on come on