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fishermanfrank | Upper Southampton,PA | Monday March 27th 9:19 am
Went out Saturday morning about 7:30at Yardley 4 other trailers in parking lot .My Buddy Rick & his Nephew were at one spot then headed up North anchored up fished for 2 1/2 hrs there, no hits then moved by wing dam stayed there 1 1/2 hrs. no hits there also. went to W C bridge 2 boats up there anchored up & nothing no sign of the silvery swimmers lost anchor ,shackle must of came undone .{have to call Rusty Balls to get a new one}. Also discovered that the angles supporting my Transom are cracking have to make some calls to get them welded .I guess the extra weight of the 4 stroke weaken them . WEOFISH How did U do over the weekend.I'll try to get out later tomorrow. SeeU on the Water.
Chiggy | Frackville | Monday March 27th 4:16 am
Alex, mom didn't raise any fools, I won't hit Smithfield until the 24 of April, that's about the time you can go 65 out of 100 or better. I have been going around that date for the last 10 years and always had good success.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Sunday March 26th 6:48 pm
Wading Trip #11 for the season .... In the southern Delaware, got in 42.1 degree water at 1315 hours. Wind was lower than predicted. Mostly calm to 5 knots, occasionally breezing up to 8. Conditions were pretty much ideal for the spot with the exception that the fish were not there again. Gave it up at 1630. Spent 2 hours & 45 mins of the 3 hour & 15 mins I was there in the water. No bumps, missed hits, etc. Am now 4 for 11 on trips. Of course, all in early fish. Should have listened to my own advice and waited for the lull to end around 4/1, but I didn't have anything better to do with my life today. <sigh/smile> Chiggy, from what I am seeing & hearing through the grapevine a long ways south of Smithfield. Odds are you can at least double that 4 or 5 day expectation.
shadillac | Philadelphia | Sunday March 26th 4:07 pm
Correction on the DRSFA Shad night....Date is April 19, 2017, 7pm.....Thanks, Kevin
shadillac | Philadelphia | Sunday March 26th 4:05 pm
Come out to our annual DRSFA Shad Night on April 20, 2017 at 7pm at the Se Wy Co Fire Hall on Rt 378 in Bethlehem PA. We will have raffles for fishing trips for salmon, stripers and more.Vendors will have fishing tackle for sale , guides and door prizes and light refreshments too. I will present a special presentation on Shad Fishing the Delaware River, including tips, techniques and locations to consistently catch shad. Bring your friends and family to learn more about shad fishing and the DRSFA. No admission fee is needed. Hope to see you at this event! Kevin, 33 yr member and volunteer, DRSFA
Chiggy | Frackville | Saturday March 25th 8:45 pm
Alex, I fish an area that has a lot of small currents and eddies below a riffle, it allows me to keep the dart in the strike zone for a longer period of time. I also fish a pool that is 30 ft deep thus my idea for just dropping the dart down near the bottom and leave it hang there. I know both spots will work it just depends on where I have best success. My centerpin has a drag on it so I can just hold the dart in one spot if need be. Sounds like in about 4 or 5 days things should be much better.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Saturday March 25th 3:23 pm
And wait for it ..... yet another skunking today. Fished from dawn (0700 hours) 'til about 1230 hours in 41 degree water. A couple of my buddies and myself managed 1 sucker each and that's it! Perhaps in a few more days. Chiggy, I would think you would do best in 5 - 6 feet of water at the top of a pool just below the rapids in a seam or at least just inside a current edge in the pool. My two cents. ;-)
bruce | trenton | Saturday March 25th 1:43 pm
If the power station is not running, not warm water flows to fish happy.
PapiChulo | Trenton | Saturday March 25th 1:02 pm
Fished 4 hours, 8am - 12pm in Trenton by the Amtrak bridge and 0 bumps or bites. Water was cold, 41.2°.
Chiggy | Frackville | Saturday March 25th 12:42 am
Alex, I am going to fish the traditional way, float that supports 15 to 20 grams , 8lb main line, 4lb tippet and 1/16 ounce darts and let it drift through some pools and in larger pools set the depth for 25 to 30 ft and just let it hang there and see what happens, also I will give the dart a little shot of WD-40
weofish | | Friday March 24th 9:39 pm
Well I didn’t go out of Trenton like I had plan, my fishing buddy Chuck had some house work to do, and canceled. So I decided to go out at Lambertville instead. There were no other boats out and only one shore fishermen, fishing from the wing dam. The fish were not there and I didn’t mark any on the screen. Fished from 3pm till 6:30pm nothing. My Berkley Lightning Rods were not putting any fish on board my vessel, I was so hoping they were going to be there. Because I did bring my salmon rod. Alex no bobber, just a Big John Diver with a flutter spoon, buddy. Going back at it tomorrow Frank hope to see you out there.
fishermanfrank | Upper Southampton,PA | Friday March 24th 8:25 pm
yesterday at Yardley I didn't get any hookups but it was nice being on the water.was only there from 13:00 TO 15:30 water temp was42.8 The wind died down. @my buddies were up there today from 09:00 t0 !5:00 they didn't get any hits . How did U make out today weofish ? Going to try early tomorrow.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Friday March 24th 6:11 pm
Chiggy, while I'm waiting for Weofish to post a report. I'm curious. Are you going to fish that Centerpin rig in a traditional manner using a bobber & let it float free spool down stream with a wet fly or whatever on it. Or do you have something else in mind?
weofish | | Friday March 24th 9:36 am
LOL Alex, Okay for everyone who don't understand, "SACRILEGE" Meaning : Violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred. You are to funny my fishing brother. I'm heading out this afternoon, I'll let you know how I make out.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Thursday March 23rd 9:44 pm
Weofish, Sacrilege!!
weofish | | Thursday March 23rd 7:13 pm
Hi Frank, it’s been awhile since I last seen you out there, I hope all is well with you, and hope to see you on the water soon. I’m not going out today, however I will be on the water at Trenton tomorrow afternoon around 3pm till dusk. Then on Saturday morning I’m going to put in at Lambertville access. Hey Alex I did have the opportunity to wrestle in some salmon on a Cortland GRF1000XP 9’ for line 8/9. I modified the handle with an extension to fit a spinning reel. I use this rod specifically for salmon fishing. I should take it along with me this weekend. Sorry if this makes your stomach sour. : / But you are right on the fight, well at least with the salmon. So I think you have convinced me to use it on the Shad. Only I’ll be sticking to my spinning reel. : )
fishermanfrank | Upper Southampton,PA | Thursday March 23rd 12:05 pm
Hi Weofish, R u Going out today . sounds like after Saturday it will be getting warmer later next week. Just got Boat Back & Ready to go Going up to Yardley To do shake- down & wet adart or a spoon looking forward to the future posts
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Thursday March 23rd 10:47 am
Weofish, I should have put this in my last post, but thought of it too late to do so. However, it is important enough to put up a 2nd post. I warn you! Do not pick up a fly rod and try to catch a shad! If you ever hook one on a long wand you will be ruined for the rest of your life. One fly rod fish is worth 10 on spinning gear! :-)
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, Pa | Thursday March 23rd 10:40 am
Weofish, very much appreciate the report/input. Thank you. fjp110, my money says we are in the lull between the early fish & the main run which I have been experiencing for decades. I'm predicting they'll start showing in the far lower Delaware around 4/1 give or take a day or two. In short, they'll get here, when they get here. A very good fishing buddy of mine thinks the cold water at the mouth of the river has them basking in the 45 degree warmth of the bay water relaxing and sipping drinks from glasses with those little umbrellas in 'em waiting for the water to warm a bit. The fate of the world rides on which of us is right!
weofish | | Thursday March 23rd 9:50 am
Fished at Trenton on Tuesday, from 1pm till 5:30pm . No fish to report there were three other shore fishermen , and they had the same results. Now me being a spin fishermen, I am being entertained by all of the fly fishing mumbo jumbo terminology. While I am waiting to wrangle my first shad of the season, however I hope this does not turn into a fly fishing blog. LOL No pun intended.
fjp110 | 19464 | Thursday March 23rd 9:21 am
Saturday 70 degrees? Will a one day warm up like that make for a good day?
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Thursday March 23rd 8:33 am
Chiggy, up until 2 years ago I was using 6' ultralight Fenwicks & an old cheap 5' 6" ultralight with the Sustains slinging lightweight darts. I'm sure a noodle with 2# would be a hoot. Maybe 6 years back I caught two 9.5# roe on one of the Fenwicks in the Worthington area a year apart. Both of 'em took me well over a quarter mile downstream and approximately 45 mins. to land & well after dark on one of 'em. The 6# line class record was 6# & change in those days. I actually cut off 50 feet of line & the terminal tackle with the intent to submit the 2nd fish. But when I reached down to pick up the fish on the stringer, I just couldn't do it. I swam her in the current for awhile until she kicked her tail in gear and continued on north. When I caught the first one I was shocked to see how flat they are right behind the head (just like a big carp). You could have set a beer can down on her and it wouldn't have tipped over! Last year bigger roe were scarce for me. I caught a ton of fish but none over 5.5#. Albeit, my buddy Dennis nailed a few 6+ pounders. Then again, as I have frequently remarked, I'm pretty good, but Dennis is just flat deadly with darts!
Chiggy | Frackville | Thursday March 23rd 7:25 am
Alex, if you really want some light tackle fun, get a noodle rod 11ft to 12ft put a cheap ultra light reel loaded with 2lb test use small darts and hold on because it doesn't get any better. You must remember one thing about fly fishing, the simpler you keep it the more success you'll have.I know because I have been fly fishing for 64 years now. My next thing is to wait until the spawn is going good and try to catch them on a centerpin rod and reel.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Thursday March 23rd 5:29 am
Ooh, a Spey Rodder using high end gear, no less! Nice. We are kindred light tackle spirits. I currently prospect for the rascals with a 7' Ultralight St. Croix spinning rod. Until last year I used Ultralight Sustain reels loaded with 120 yard of 6# class Ande Tournament if I'm fishing in close proximity to other fisherman. I carried spare 140 yard spools of 4# class line when I've got enough elbow room and I won't interfere with someone else's endeavors. Last year I'd gone through my umpteenth Sustain 1000 and finally sprung for a Stella. However, since I've been spending a lot of time harassing redfish in the sound behind Hatteras these days, I picked up a 2500 for the extra line capacity. So far, I'll be darned if it hasn't been worth the extra $. With either shad or redfish, when I find 'em in sufficient numbers and the conditions are right, I break out the 5 weight. Similar to you, I've got a variety of shooting heads from Type III, IV, VI and a Type VII Striper series line with the head built into the running line. When chasing redfish, I exclusively use the Type III (for distance) as the explosive top water strikes you get from redfish make it "died & gone to heaven" fishing. I mostly use the Type VII in the Delaware. I carry two Pfueger 5 weight Trions & two 8 weight Presidents in my fly gear bag. Always use 6# or 4# class tippets on both. I'm afraid I'm not in your league with fly rods. I'm still using Fenwick HMG rods. I really should get a 5 weight with a bit more backbone for casting, but it is a delight when hooked up. It took me a year and a half to catch my first shad on the long wand as I was self-taught and started out using Clousers. During that period I wound up extracting two of them myself from the fleshy area in the back of my upper arms. I had no idea human skin was so tough to push a 2/0 hook through (and I keep my hooks sharp)! In one case, I stuck one in my nose and I thought my buddy Mike was going to feint when I made him extract it on the river bank (after pushing it through to mash down the barb). He wanted me to go to the Emergency Room. Are you nuts! We're catchin' fish! ;-) Fortunately, eventually I met Rich Fasanello and he gave me a proper education re: shad fishing with long wands, shooting heads, etc. Here's a pic of the 1st shad I landed using the 8 weight with a 400 grain 'Chuck & Duck' 10' sink tip. More than a little embarrassing to look back on it. ;-)
Chiggy | Frackville | Wednesday March 22nd 7:58 pm
Alex, I normally use an 11'6" sage switch rod 6wt and just in case i carry a 14 Ft orvis spey rod with 8wt line. I always carry several lines of various sink rates in case I have to get down a little deeper. The wets that I use are both for shad and salmon about size 6 or 8 hooks and are tied like a caddis worm but in brilliant colors (chartreuse, hot pink, orange. etc). But the most fun is catching them on ultra light 4-1/2 and 5 ft rods with darts or flutter spoons, and 4lb test line. I hope the weather is decent next week so I can hit the river.
Duff | Yonder | Wednesday March 22nd 1:16 pm
If next week's weather forecast holds up, We'll see numbers.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Wednesday March 22nd 9:29 am
Chiggy, Go get 'em Sir! I presume you use wet flies on with your long wand? What weight do you wave? I'm partial to my 5 weight, but carry an 8 weight in the truck just in case I run into a school of larger roes. Hope springs eternal! BTW, moron that I am I forgot to add my ID info to the post I put up on Tuesday 3/21 @ 7:42 PM. While I'm at it, here's a pic of the little spot I had hoped to use as the background for my snow shad pic, as pathetic as it was.
Chiggy | Frackville | Wednesday March 22nd 7:17 am
If the weather turns a bit warmer next week, going to hit north of the gap and try our luck. I'll put in and Smithfield and try to cover as much ground as possible.
| | Tuesday March 21st 7:42 pm
And once again we're flying the skunk flag on the way home! A friend of mine was just getting ready to leave the hole I fished when I arrived. He didn't find 'em. Unfortunately, that was not a good sign as he's pretty good at it. Regardless, I headed down and got in the water at just about noon and started slingin' darts. Conditions were perfect! water level wise, wind wise and the water temp was in my catch range and on the rise. My friend said he'd had 40 degree water. I checked it myself about 45 minutes later & had 41.6; also, I got 44.4 about 30 mins before I threw in the towel. I fished with a vengeance & was in the water 95% of the time. Changed up darts sizes & colors a few times during the outing. Zip! Zilch! Nada! No on/offs, no bumps & not even a scale. There were still a couple of small patches of snow on the ground and I really wanted a snow shad pic; albeit, it would not have counted as it would an embarrassment as it wouldn't even have been a half-a$$ed snow shad pic! After 3 hours & 15 mins. I gave it up. They just weren't there. I've been here before. The early run is now north of that hole and I should have headed to one of the numerous spots above pools just north of the Gap. Only problem with that is, while they are a good bet at daybreak, during the day early shad schools are hit & miss to say the least, north of the Gap. Will someone please hit one of them early & catch a few before the early run gets past them as well! :-) I'd do it myself, but I still have to work at my desk from time to time. ;-) Weofish! I hope you got into 'em, but given what I saw today, I'll be pleasantly surprised if you did.
weofish | | Tuesday March 21st 6:38 am
Lets see what Trenton has in store for us today ????
Chiggy | Frackville | Monday March 20th 4:58 pm
Alex, I have been fishing the river since 1964, sometime we cut shog very far north of Smithfield and very very early, but now we just wait till the end of April and concentrate on flyfishing Smithfield, I hope you have a good luck whenever you go out
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Monday March 20th 12:03 pm
Chiggy, as I caught my first fish in the lower Delaware on 2/25, I guarantee you the fish are already at Smithfield Beach & points north. Now finding a school & getting one to bite is a different story. Also, a buddy of mine caught 'em pretty good last year just north of Smithfield on 3/18/16. What the heck. Since I'm putting up this reply I'll include another pic from yesterday's skunking.
Chiggy | Frackville | Monday March 20th 8:08 am
I'm glad to see you guys are still trying, but remember this, its a smart man knows when he had his butt kicked. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will get better from here on out. See you guys when the fish reach smithfield.
RUSTY BALLS | ALLENTOWN | Monday March 20th 7:33 am
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Sunday March 19th 5:27 pm
Well boys, my early season streak ended with inglorious certitude today. Got in the water at 1010 hours in 35.4 degree water. Two hours later and zip to show for it, I took another temp & it was 37.4. Half an hour before I left it was 39.5 Still zip! I'm as confident as I can be without being God, that the fish were simply not there in numbers while I was fishing. I've got that hole dialed in and kept the dart poppin' through the money water 50% of the time I was fishing. If they were there in any numbers, I'd have scale 2 or 3. I was 4 days for 7 on catching. Sadly, I am now down to 50%. Bottom line, at 1450 hours after 4 hours & 40 minutes on the river I trudged back up the bank with my tail between my legs like the whipped old dog that I was! One thing I do know for sure from the schools that I hit on those 4 trips. Given the inclement weather, there will be a lot of fish that hit Port Jervis this year without ever swimming through water with a hook in it. No fish pics today. You'll have to settle for one of my gear with snow to the west of it. <sigh>
Duff | Down Yonder River | Sunday March 19th 10:22 am
Rich - I really like that ! Bookmarked.
Rich | | Saturday March 18th 2:36 pm
This shoes the total amount of frozen water on the ground in real time.;
| | Friday March 17th 7:29 am
This should help - Official Precip
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Monday March 13th 10:51 pm
Weofish, you are quite welcome. There is a huge pool north of the Gap where the water flow is probably similar in speed to what you have at Trenton where I've gotten this technique to work. It is popular with guys who like to wave the long wand over 'em. It is well known and has gotten too crowed for my taste so I have not fished there for a few years. I was fly fishing up there with a buddy who only uses darts. And he wasn't able to get a bite while we were catchin' em pretty good with fly rods. I put my 5 weight down and re-rigged my spinning rod with a tandem dart rig that I thought would get down deep enough to do the job to try and figure out a way to get my buddy into some action as well. Basically, I used the technique I previously described but with shorter pauses between pops because of the slower water flow. Kinda like a modified bluefish plugging retrieve. Anyway, it worked and after he got the hang of it, he started catchin' as well. If you can figure out a way to get a dart deep enough with a 1" chartreuse metal flake mister twister tail on it and put it right where it will fall in front of a shad's nose as it is swimming upstream you'll get bit down there, I'll bet. With your side scan you should be able to note the depth at which they are running. Then it is just a matter of putting a heavy enough dart on a dropper loop to get a smaller dart on the end of your line to fall at the right depth. The smaller the better. I've been using two 3/16 oz darts because of the amount of current flow in the seam I'm fishing. I prefer to go no higher than 1/8 oz. on the bottom dart as smaller baits will almost always produce better on shad than larger ones. The wet flies I use have bodies that are only about 1/2 inch long. Green head/chartreuse darts seem to work best for me early in the season, but I expect you could do OK with just about any color combo dart as long as you are using a chartreuse metal flake tail. That said, the tail has to be rigged perfectly straight. I.E., if you drop it in slack water at your side, it must flutter as it falls, if it doesn't, your odds of catchin' are slim to none! One other thought comes to mind, if you need to tie on a large dart (say 1/4 oz) on top make sure the bottom dart is over 24 inches, maybe like 30 inches away from the top dart. For whatever reason, the fish seem to get spooked by the larger dart if it is tied too close to the lower smaller dart. FWIW ....
weofish | Jamison Pa | Monday March 13th 9:33 pm
Alex, I think I understand what you are saying. It kinda reminds me of trout fishing with a spinner, I hated when them fish would get finicky on me. Drove me crazy, like teasing a cat with a string, they come up swiping back and forth, back and forth, looking, and looking, nip at the feathers. Like you had to have that, just right presentation, before they would hit. However in the section of Trenton I was fishing that type of water is a little hard pressed to find, with the tidal water. But I will keep that technique of yours in mind when fishing further north. Thanks for the tip…..
Duff | | Monday March 13th 8:55 am
15"->18" up in the head waters. My prayers have been answered. I know you guys up north don't like this. But a slow melt off will likely guarantee a consistent level for the run. That is if we don't get any heavy spring downpours soon after.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Monday March 13th 8:22 am
Weofish, FWIW I could not get a bite twitching on the drift which is normally how we pick up many of our fish in the spot I was fishing. I positioned myself so I was fishing straight down a well defined seam where the fish were moving to into the fast water out of the seam to traverse the rapids maybe 20 yard from where I was standing. I used a technique I discovered years ago which in many cases will get 'em to bite. At the end of the drift I was bringing the darts straight back to me just inside the seam in what I call the swirly water for lack of a better description. Basically a very slow retrieve starting with the rod parallel to the water in front of me then one turn of the handle, then a sharp pop of the rod bringing it 90 degrees to my left side keeping it parallel to the river then immediately moving the rod back to the starting position so the darts could sink & swim in the current. When the wind wasn't blowing I tried popping 90 degrees up so the rod wound up pointing toward the sky; however, that wouldn't work yesterday, probably because it was bringing the darts too high in the water column. Popping the rod straight up requires less effort, and later in the year it will work as the fish appear to be willing to move farther out of their path heading upstream to bite. Of course, if the wind is huffing you need to pop to the side regardless to keep the wind from catching your line and raising your darts higher in the water column. I've had this work in pools, as well, when the fish have been finicky. That's not to say it works every time and/or in every circumstance. One thing I am certain of, your margin of error with these early fish is very narrow and you have to have the darts working pretty much dead in front of their noses. There has been many days when I could get a bite and guys on either side me of couldn't buy one. There was a time when I was one of those guys! ;-) And when I'm fishing with my buddy Dennis, from time to time I am still one of them. Well, I can get bit, but not as consistently as Dennis. He is just flat deadly! Since I'm putting up this post, I'll add a pic of one of yesterday's suckers (probably pushed 4#). I know everyone is just dying to see it!
weofish | Jamison Pa | Sunday March 12th 9:45 pm
Alex you're killing me here, a buddy of mine and I left the Trenton ramp at 11:30 am and fished the slots, moving from place to place trying to find a hook-up to no avail. We were marking fish on the way up river, however after moving around multiple times my electronic device would not give us anymore pics of fish the rest of the day. And yes you are right to say how cold it was, but all and all it was still nice to be out, even if we didn’t get to see any silver slabs to the boat. We finished our day at 5pm.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Sunday March 12th 3:55 pm
Gentlemen! Quite a learning experience today! Not so much re: fish catchin' as I did what expected to do which was catch 'em up. More so re: fishing in this kinda weather. Have never fish in air temps this cold before. Thought I'd be smart and suit up at home. Put on two pair of sweat pants and 3 layers of shirts, flannel, quilted flannel & heavily quilted flannel. Drove down to the river in my waders, so, in theory, all I needed to do was don my wading boots and off I'd go. Jumped up in my dressing room (truck bed) and immediately saw that my wading boots which had been left wet out in the cold since Friday afternoon were frozen solid. It was akin to trying to put your foot in a cast iron mold! Had to put them on the floor mat with the heater on max for 10 minutes to get them somewhat flexible. Got into 37.3 degree water about 1010 hours. 3rd cast, bang had one on/off, 3 strong rod twitches on the same cast and I was hooked up. Now this was one of the fish which decided it didn't want to keep swimming against the current. It immediately screamed off about 80 yards of line in 8-10 seconds headed south bound! I know it was that much because 'Stella' (my pet name for my reel) holds about 240 yards of the 6# class Ande tournament which I use and a 3rd of it disappeared at a somewhat alarming rate. I was primarily concerned because the reel was still cold and I'd set the drag in warmer weather. Anyway, the fish finally turns west into slower moving water and I start working it back north. I'd gained maybe 15 yard back and 'Stella' starts making a gosh awful noise (and she's a pretty high quality gal less than a year old). What the heck!? Took me about 5 seconds to realize it was the ice on the line going over the bail roller that was creating the racket. Hmmmm .... so maybe another 10 minutes later I put a 3# roe on the bank, take a couple of pics and send her back to make babies. I learned another annoying lesson. You really need to remember to clear your guides of ice before you cast; and the top guide was icing up on every cast. About 30 minutes in I forgot to clear it and since I needed to make very long casts both Friday and today to get to where the fish were crossing from the swirly water into the fast water in these low water condition, I was having to put a lot of muscle into casting. You know what happened next. The darts headed out and the line stayed glued to tip top & I needed to re-rig. I quickly learned that re-rigging a pair of tandem darts is just a thrill a minute in 25 degree weather! About an hour later after another fish cut itself off on a rock and took my bottom dart north with it and I had to re-rig again. The wind had picked up and I was already shivering. By the time I tied a dropper & uni on the bottom threaded two tails on & superglued 'em, I was ready to cut the tag end off of the uni knot. My hands were shaking so violently, it must have taken me over a minute to get the line between the cutting edges of the tool! I also, discovered the joy of having to cinch knots in your mouth because saliva was freezing instantly, otherwise. For the 1st 40 minutes I couldn't make 5 cast without a hook-up, missed hit, on/off or a scale! Fishing was just as hot as it had been Friday, perhaps more so! Bottom line, I went 2 for 5 & 2 suckers with numerous scaled fish & missed hits. Headed for the barn at 1250 hours (2.5 hours fishing). I really wanted to fish for a couple of more hours, but the cloud cover had moved in and the wind had picked up at noon as predicted. I knew I was asking for trouble if I stayed. After all, at age 69, I'm no spring chicken. ;-) I.E., I really didn't need to fall in the water due to fatigue. Oh yeah, one other amusing item springs to mind, if you have a wading stick tethered to you and you walk on shore and stop for one reason or another and let the wading stick sit against your waders, it will freeze tight to your waders. :-) Catchin' in 37.3 degree water is a personal best for me. If they're there, they're there. If they're not, they're not! You just gotta get the darts in front of their noses. And I know where they live in that hole! Note: the pic fish, a nice 3.5 # buck is being "freeze dried". Credit to my old fishin' friend Rich Fasanello for that pun! Guess this guy cooling his heels on ice is enough and I really don't need to put up two more posts with pics of a 3# roe and a sucker. ;-)
Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Saturday March 11th 3:16 pm
Weofish, You are quite welcome. I was fishing north of Trenton, so there's a decent probability that if you know how to put your darts or spoon right in front of their noses in the slot in which they are running that you will score. Good for you for being willing to brave the chill! Go for it!
weofish | Jamison Pa | Saturday March 11th 11:13 am
Thanks for the report Alex, that make me feel a little less anxious about going out into the elements tomorrow. I'll be fishing from Trenton area again.
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Friday March 10th 7:15 pm
Well boys, they were there this afternoon. I wasn't going to fish today. Worked at my desk 'til noon, ate lunch and looked out the window at about 1315 hours. The sun was peeking through the clouds and I said to myself, "screw that desk, I'm goin' fishin'! Got in the water about 14:45 hours and had an on & off on the first cast, put a 3# roe on the bank on the 3rd cast and the action continued from there. There was only one time where I made more than 10 casts without a missed hit or scale, or hook-up. At one point I got to 20 casts, but my 20th cast was rewarded with an honest 4# roe. Wound up 5 for 8 in 2 hours. 2 buck/3 roe. It was snowing on & off while I was fishing, and a nasty squall ran me off the river. I simply could not see where I was casting on the last 3 casts. At one point I had 2 scales on the top dart hook. Don't know that I've ever had that happen before. Anyway, these cold water (43.4 deg temp) fish fought well, as they should and I spent as much time fighting fish as casting. I.E., I use 6# class tournament thread and it takes a while to land 'em. Bottom line, they're head up river towards y'all. Probably be a week before I fish again with this stinkin' cold weather movin' in! All fish released healthy. Pic is the 4# roe. Hmmm .... no suckers today.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Thursday March 9th 5:42 pm
I will start the Hotline on March 17.....Call with reports 610 984 5944......Thanks
Capt. Alex Craig | Hatteras, NC & Green Lane, PA | Wednesday March 8th 9:28 pm
Waded well below Easton from 0945 hours to 1530 hours. Water temp was 41.4 when I started. Air temp - who cares! I was catchin' fish! Went 4 for 8 slinging darts. Used a tadem rig (I.E., dropper loop for top dart and UNI knot for bottom dart about 24" apart. Both were 3/16 oz. In retrospect, shoulda gone to 1/8 oz on the bottom as I was knockin' the heck out of the paint on the bottom dart. Also, snagged 6 suckers which also indicates I was gettin' down where I needed to be. Wind wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I did need to side stick it most of the time to keep the line low to the water. Went with classic early season green head/chartreuse body/chartreuse metal flake 1" tail. 2 buck (1 2 lb & 1 3.5 #). 2 small roe, both around 3#. The bigger buck made the day as it did what they are supposed to do in highly oxygenated cold water. It simply went nuts. Nice runs and I stopped counting after 12 jumps. Also, had 1 opalescent scale. Definitely from a shad. Can't say I killed 'em, but not too shabby for early season wading. One of the 3# roe in the pic.
Ironshad | | Wednesday March 8th 6:23 pm
Fished Lehigh confluence again today marked a very few fish water was 44 degrees nothing to the boat.