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Capt Dave | Easton | Tuesday May 8th 7:16 am finally connected on one of my spoons! LOL. Sounds like the skinny candy corn spoon.
Jay wolak | 20 miles north of port jervis | Tuesday May 8th 1:17 am
Me and my buddy Ron set out today for our first shad trip wading. Used 8 lb line and my custom lamiglas 10 foot rod paired with a van staal reel. Got there at 2 pm fished float rigs with no luck then switched to small darts. Between the two of us landed 21 and lost about 15. Some nice big purple back roes and a bunch of big bucks . Had two nice spurts of action a few doubles . As the sun set the action died out . Fantastic day ! My arm is actually sore . What a fishery ! Love the Delaware ! Going again tomorrow or the next day for some more action .
ShadHarris | Gap area | Monday May 7th 9:50 pm
21 of 28 i gap area from 5:10pm to 7:40pm. Not the best action I have ever seen, but not the worst either. Somewhere in between. Small pink and white darts were hot until 6:30 then went dead, Switched to a small bright yellow spoon with orange head and gold on other side, and nailed another 11. First time fishing from shore I ever got more on spoons than darts. Nice to be prepared to give them what excited them the most.
RPS | Greeley | Monday May 7th 8:43 pm
Fished Zane Grey 7:30 - 11:00 am hooked 18 landed 13 water temp 53. Went back 3:30 - 6:30 pm hooked 20 landed 7 water temp 54.
Tony | | Monday May 7th 8:03 pm
Rattles are fine,no need to black out the plugs. Use plugs that will get you roughly 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the water your fishing in. For water up to 8ft I use 3to5 ft diving plugs,for 10-12ft water I use 5-8ft diving plugs. You can troll if the water is a consistent depth. But I would suggest anchoring in a pinch point where the water slopes deeper behind boat forcing the shad up to you. Good luck
Ralph V | Port Jervis | Monday May 7th 6:16 pm
Just started fishing for shad, if I use plugs with spoons is it ok that the plugs have rattles? And should I black out the plugs with some paint? I have a drift boat was thinking of trying to back troll as I do for salmon has anyone tried this or should I just stay on anchor? Any help would be appreciated.
Joseph C | Phoenixville, PA | Monday May 7th 4:15 pm
Lunch time today at the Eddy below Lambertville. I hit the May trifecta with shad (1), herring (10 or so) and stripers (2 little ones, but nice to see them again.) All on back dart of a double dart rig. Shadbobo, I think that everybody trying for the big spawning striper figure that they are looking for tasty herring and throw plugs that match that profile, not in color but in size and splash. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd hit a bucktail if they were around and hungry. I am no expert, though.
Kevin | Yardley | Monday May 7th 1:03 pm
Shad bo, Same plug you use for stripers down the beach. I use Bombers, Atom Striper Swipers, Cordell Red Fins. Hope this helps Kevin
Kurt Miller | Northampton, PA | Monday May 7th 9:28 am
Fished at confluence on Sunday. Landed around 40 or so with my good friend Jay. Best day for big fat momas. Lots of releases but no fish on, and a few that just got off. Other boats doing well also. Started slow, for us, but Rusty was on them when we arrived. Once we got going, it was pretty good with few slow times. Took advantage of slow time to eat and fuel up for the fast action later. Got off the water just in time to stay dry. Mostly orange and black, and fish were a few feet off the bottom. Seems to be a ton of fish there every year that can't find the ladder to run the Lehigh. Engineering issue when ladders were installed I guess. Tight lines guys!
Shadbobo | Pburg | Monday May 7th 8:35 am
Kevin. what type of plugs do they throw for stripers? Thanks
Captain Dave | Easton | Monday May 7th 8:35 am
Fished Sunday afternoon at Easton with my nephew and caught 25 shad in 5 hours. It wasn't crazy fishing but was enough to make it a good day. Had a couple of lulls of 30 minutes to an hour and then it would pick up again. Water was 61 when we started and 60.5 when we left. Fished in the rain until it slowed for a bit and then took the boat out before heavier rain came in. Fish were hitting both diving plugs and downriggers. Black and orange, yellow and orange and purple were all catching. It was nice to be able to fish and not have to clean your lines every 5 minutes.
Kevin | Yardley | Monday May 7th 6:26 am
Another good day Sunday at Yardley.40shad and a few herring in 62 degree water. River has dropped a ft since last Wednesday. Most boats out striper fishing now throwing plugs. Several fish had the leeches as the came off when netted. All fish released to spawn. See u on the river. Kevin
James L | Shohola | Sunday May 6th 2:48 pm
Started at a spot in Milford this morning with no bumps. Sopped by my local bait shop on the way to Matamoras and grabbed a couple flutter spoons, and a dart color, white with chartreuse top, that the owner said seemed to be producing a bit more than other colors. Managed 10 for 16 over 3.5 hours, with a walleye. A slow pick, but much better than what I've been seeing.
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday May 6th 8:11 am
It was a epic day on Saturday. Caught 80 shad on spoons o 6Ft of water on flat lines and plugs. About 10herring as well. This is one of the best runs since the 1990's. Water temp 62am, 64by 3pm. Rain today will be a plus to cool the temp and keep flow up as river is slowly dropping. Several boats out, some short stripers being released in this area. More fish heading North in the coming days. Good luck and see u on the river.
ShadHarris | N of Bushkill, South of Dingman's | Saturday May 5th 9:05 pm
Complete and utter shad beat-down just N of Bushill from 3:15pm to 6:45 tonight. Mostly roe 4 to 4.75 lbs. I set the first rod and it hooked up before my hand left the rod holder - instantl, and it was a stream of doubles and triples for first 1/2 hour, landing 12 in 30 minutes before a welcome lull. Hit 50 in the net at 6:30pm (we use I pitch counter for the hell of it), and 50 was the number we said "enough is enough" except we still had 3 lines and and wham - triple and we landed all 3 and got the hell out of there leaving a mad bite. I have seen a lot of great shad bites and I really don't like to fish for shad much more than 3-4 hours that is enough for me, but this is probably a top 10 session in my 40+ years of catching them. All they wanted was hot pink head, glow white body, UV pink or UV pearl tales in sizes 1/16 and 1/32... Tried other colors just to see, tried spoons just to see, but there was no point just gave them what they wanted. It was nice to drop anchor and never have to move and catch them on both sides of the boat and down the middle -clicking on all cylinders... As awesome as this night was, I still prefer catching them in the waders! This was after getting up 4:30am to catch 18 from shore this morning, I am beat.
Flyfamerica | West Chester PA | Saturday May 5th 8:33 pm
Fished Deer creek today. Nothing there that I could see. The small stream that was filled with herring last week only had a few. Went to Fishermans park below the dam and caught about 10 hickories and 5 Americans mostly on a silver flutter spoon. Only fished for a litle over an hour. It was good today.
Rudy529 | Bethlehem | Saturday May 5th 8:26 pm
Killed them in Easton today next to Rusty and and the boys in the boats from shore... 25-30. Home my 1pm.
James L | Shohola | Saturday May 5th 8:11 pm
Managed 2 in 1.5 hours around Matamoras. I was told I missed the hot bite earlier in the day.
Ralph Volpe | port jervis | Saturday May 5th 8:10 pm
Only had one today I can't find them!
Kurt Miller | Northampton, PA | Saturday May 5th 6:33 pm
Killer day at confluence. Everyone doing well! Chartruse on gold or silver killed. Switched to other colors when there was a lull, and they worked ok. Then it got crazy again and all colors worked well. Stopped around 3:30. Hands are beat up from carpel tunnel. I need to recover for tomorrow! Tight lines! Hooked 95, landed 80...all by myself.
RPS | Greeley | Saturday May 5th 3:55 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch this morning 6:30 - 9:00 hook 20 only landed 11 foul hook 2 and many hits that didn't hook up water temp 58.
Twins | | Saturday May 5th 1:30 pm
@ Ken White perch have arrived, shad bite is nearing the end.
ShadHarris | Gap area | Saturday May 5th 10:50 am
18 of 24 this morning from shore, gap area, 3 were bucks. Started very very slow for me then sort of got in a groove for a while then it died at 9am and I left.
Lou Skunt | Port Jervis, Matamoras | Saturday May 5th 7:29 am
Fished Port Jervis area last night with 1 in the boat, Started fishing April 8,and caught my 1st shad on April 21st, been fishing the same area ,almost every afternoon from 4:30 till dark, with no more than 2 in the boat.Everyone else is having the same result. Water temp is 54. I am a 40 yr experienced/ diehard shad fisherman having close to 400 in the boat last year.Being out almost daily (over 20 days) I have not had the experience of an early run or any run for that matter. I dont ever remember ever hearing of so many being caught "downstream' for such an extended period while having such poor results up here. Just gotta keep at it. But It hasn't been good
ShadHarris | Gap area | Friday May 4th 8:59 pm
Fished Gap area tonight 5-7:30 in crystal clear 60 degree water still running a tad high but otherwise excellent conditions. "Sporadically good" is how I would describe it, there were several times during the session I got 3 fish on 3 consecutive cast, but then 20 casts with nary a bump. At times it was windy, at times it was calm. Nice balmy weather. 1/32 hot pink head glow white body was great for the first hour but ended last hour with 1/32 chartreuse & bright green to scratch out 16 of 21 hookups.
James L | Shohola | Friday May 4th 8:46 pm
Fished Sparrowbush and Matamoras for a total of 6.5 hours, from around 1-7:30. I ended with 0 shad. I saw only 2 caught, and heard of very few other fish. I didn't even get a bump. I don't know if that mythical gap between the early run and the main run exists, but if it does we were in it. I talked to an angler that said he wasn't even seeing shad in one of the main tributaries where he always fishes for them. Oh well, was a nice day anyway.
ken | VA. | Friday May 4th 2:37 pm
WG or anyone, know if they are still catching shad at Connowingo dam? Thanks ken
Kevin | Yardley | Friday May 4th 1:20 pm
Michael from Alpha Nj, I have an opening for 2 anglers tomorrow at Yardley Pa Fish Comm ramp on River Rd in Pa. Call me at 267-251-5806 for details and fee. Thanks Kevin
michael grossman | alpha, nj, 08865 | Friday May 4th 10:59 am
Anyone have an opening for 2 people for tomorrow, Sat, May 5?
michael grossman | alpha, nj, 08865 | Friday May 4th 10:58 am
Anyone have an opening for 2 people for tomorrow, Sat, May 5?
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Friday May 4th 7:34 am
Heading for the confluence for an hour or 2 fishing this afternoon. Leave me some fish, please.
RPS | Greeley | Thursday May 3rd 9:36 pm
Fished Zane Grey 6:30 - 9:00 am landed 12 had alot of hits that didn't hook up and a lot of on and offs.
Pete | | Thursday May 3rd 9:17 pm
Started out below Riegelsville. 9 for 14 then left ran for lunch. Headed north and went 1 for 2 then back down to a different spot below Riegelsville and went 5 for 6. More debris toward the end of the day. Water started out at 57.2 and ended at 59.4. Fished from 11 to 6.
Kurt Miller | Northampton, PA | Thursday May 3rd 4:52 pm
Had an outstanding day at confluence. I lost count, but had to be 30 or better. Many thanks to Rusty for selling spoons during the tournament. Fished next to him today and chatted a little. He had a good day as well! Nice meeting you Rusty!
Tom | Trenton | Thursday May 3rd 11:26 am
Fished in Trenton between 8:00 to 10:00 am; to mid tide. Same as Yesterday went 2 for roe shad. One of the shad had a lamprey stuck to it...never seen that on any shad I caught before. Also caught 8 herring, and a small mouth bass. The two guys I was fishing from shore with, also caught about the same number of shad. The water was fairly clear, and didn't have a lot of debris. Till next time.
Fish Whisperer | Water gap | Thursday May 3rd 9:27 am
That was Wednesday that I was fishing - May 2.
Fish Whisperer | Water gap | Thursday May 3rd 9:26 am
Fished from 7am-2pm- hooked 2 - very windy- slow fishing
fishermanfrank | Southampton,PA | Thursday May 3rd 7:41 am
Wednesday 5/2/18 Shad still coming up strong fished at New Hope from 9:30am to 2:00pm with Ron we boated 50 & missed alot after the net Broke at the handle . we still released them along side of boat without a net. water temp 54 & air temp hit 80. Have Fun While they keep heading up the "D" . Most were caught on Spoons , 3 caught on Darts.
Tkoz | Harmony | Wednesday May 2nd 9:32 pm
Onemoreshad, what part of the lower river are you referring to? It was a super slow afternoon where I am and I did not see much rod bending. I'm just curious and not looking for any specific spots. Thanks in advance
onemoreshad | Hatfield | Wednesday May 2nd 4:35 pm
Just another crazy NON STOP MAYHEM KIND OF DAY fishing lower river!! Fished from 6:30 to 1:45 today with a friend and boated 125 but none over 5lbs. Yes boated not just hooked up. Between swats at the lure and fish that just got off within a few seconds, it would have been another 100. Holding the rod while using braid really helps identify whats going on under the water with bites. Again no more than 3 rods for 2 of us and we were 1st boat out there in the morning so we had our chance pick our poison(LOL). It was the first time I was able to get on that common sweet spot and yes(thank you guys) it sure did produce!! Tight lines always!! Shawn
Tom | Trenton | Wednesday May 2nd 11:10 am
Fished in Trenton between 7:30 to 9:30 AM, which was near high to mid tide. I always fish from shore, and today the shad were hugging the bottom. You know what that means, some lost tackle. I was using flutter spoons and 1/2 ounce in line weight.I caught a mixed bag... 2out of three hooked shad, 6-8 herring, 2 perch, and the guy next to me caught a 14" walleye. I don't know when the run through Trenton will be over... Until my next report, good luck up north.
Phil | Sandyston, NJ | Tuesday May 1st 11:51 pm
Went 17 for 28 today below Narrowsburg, from shoreline. Many fish were slapping at the dart with their gill covers and tails and were hooked in those areas. That's probably the reason for the bad hooked/landed ratio. Many were lost after a short fight with a scale coming back on the hook. It was best to cast almost directly downstream and dangle the dart in their face, like a ball of yarn goading a kitten. Much less algae collects on the line with that method. Nailed a 19" brown on my first cast of the day. Nice. This is the warmest water they have had all year this far up the river. Used 4lb. line to cover greater area with small dart. Color didn't seem to matter. Fished 3:30 to 6:45pm. Fun time.
Kevin | Yardley | Tuesday May 1st 10:00 pm
Another banner day on the Delaware today. Landed 56 and lost several more. Water temp 52 in am, rose to 56by 6pm. Several triples and a few doubles too. Some debris in the water. Fish caught on flat lines and plug rigs through the day. Mostly roes with a few bucks in the mix. Saw one herring caught this pm in the boat next to me. Several boats out today. Water will warm up with the hot days coming. May begin spawn earlier than normal. Flat lines and plug rigs were the ticket today. See u on the river.... Kevin
James L | Shohola | Tuesday May 1st 8:28 pm
Fished 4:30-7:15 managed 7 shad in Sparrow Bush. Water temperature was only up to 48. Had quite a few on-offs. Lots of short strikes, feels like there were quite a few fish moving though.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday May 1st 7:44 pm
Fished Zane Grey 1:00 - 6:00 pm today hooked 12 landed 10 also about 12 bits that didn't hook up. Water temp hit 51 tonight.
JB | PA | Tuesday May 1st 2:05 pm
See link below for Susky shad passage reports.
Michael Maurer | Belvidere nj | Tuesday May 1st 11:20 am
Fished from 7-11 am from boat. Had one knock down in the Rapids up river. Moved to the steal wall and sat on large piles of fish but just wouldn't hit. Water temp was 47.1 with the pequest running a degree colder. Shore fisherman not doing well either as of 15 minutes ago. Hopefully the warmer water turns it back on.
WG | | Tuesday May 1st 9:25 am
Anyone know why there are no reports of shad being elevated at Conowingo on the hotline number and the PAFBC website anymore? They used to update the website weekly.... also there are no reports of shad numbers utilizing the ladders on the Schuylkill or Lehigh river ladders???? They also don’t even have a “Shad” menu option anymore....
Boat Crazy | From the Ville to the gap | Monday April 30th 9:07 pm
Fished the Bi State tourney this weekend . Fished a bunch of areas as far north as the gap .And as far south as Lambertville. No matter where we fished . Shore and from the boat seemed to be all cookie cutter fish 4- 4 1/2# ,fish . Highlight of the tourney was fishing with my buddy Chris and his two daughters. They fished hard Saturday teaming up for 27 shad to just under 5# on Saturday. With brooke returning sunday to catch another 17
Kurt G. Miller | Northampton, PA | Monday April 30th 4:03 pm
Did OK, considering conditions, on Sunday under the free bridge. Slow in the am, but got better as sun came out, then shut down when clouds rolled in. Ended up landing seven out of 9 hook ups. I'm no expert, but I think it will get good as soon as the water warms up. And, it's supposed to warm up all week. Hope to be on the water Thursday, Friday...... maybe Saturday and Sunday too!