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crackle | nj | Saturday May 26th 12:06 pm
Fished north of gap 4:45-7:30 on Thurs. Water way up, moving pretty fast, still and very discolored. Thought it was gonna be just casting practice, but hooked up on first cast and hooked 6 landed only 4 as they used the current well and couldn't get 2 nice Roe in. Also hooked a nice little spike striper. So I'm gonna guess you're still gonna be catching them for another week or 2 in Milford Dingman's Gap area due to all the rain keeping the water up and cool.
RPS | Greeley | Friday May 25th 1:32 pm
Fished Zane Grey 8:30-9:30 am hooked 5 landed 3 . 2 on 1/32 chartreuse dart and 1 on 3/8 chartreuse dart. Water temp was 61 the river is high but the water at the Lackawaxen is clear the main river is muddy.
Shadbobo | Pburg | Friday May 25th 11:08 am
Just want to thank all the responses about spoon paint.
komar | vernon | Thursday May 24th 6:42 pm
Are they still catching any shad in the Dingman's or Milford area?
Boat Crazy | | Wednesday May 23rd 7:11 pm
whats up with all the spam attaching to the posts ???????????
Boat Crazy | spoon painting | Wednesday May 23rd 7:10 pm
I stay away from vinyl paints on all my jigs It reacts to too many things and can make a nasty mess of a tackle box.. For spoons I having been using testors model paint for over 25 years. I also base coat white, then one coat of what ever colors I want to use after that dries. If you use powder on spoons , you need to use a heat gun with variable heat, it allows a better heat without melting the solder.
Tbones | Jersey | Wednesday May 23rd 3:32 pm
In the town of Lackawaxen .
Komar | Vernon | Wednesday May 23rd 3:02 pm
Were does the Wallenpaupack dump into the Delaware ?
Capt. Dave | Easton | Wednesday May 23rd 8:22 am
Shadbobo...I use the vinyl jig and lure paint. Not crazy about it but it gives good color. If you get that make sure you get some of the thinner too. I put down two coats of white before the color to get the brightest color and then finish it with a clear coat that has some sparkle in it. I do use some Testors model paint for the odd colors I can't get in vinyl. I put two coats of color on my spoons as well. You'll see the difference between one or two coats yourself. You can't be in a hurry.
Kevin | Yardley | Tuesday May 22nd 6:03 pm
Shadbobo, a few options for spoon painting. Vinyl jig and lure paint, powder paint and latex based paint too . Check out Jann's Netcraft for supplies. Be sure to base coat in white before adding colors and then a clear coat once colors have dried. Happy painting! Kevin
Shadbobo | Pburg | Tuesday May 22nd 2:22 pm
For you spoon makers, what type of paint is best when painting spoons? Thanks in advance.
whitetail | shohola | Monday May 21st 8:46 pm
It's not over yet. 10 for 11 tonite 7 to 8 pm
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Sunday May 20th 2:39 pm
OK, I took a leap of faith and went to Easton yesterday morning. I found the Lehigh to be rough and muddy, but the Delaware running higher but I could see the bottom under my feet in a couple feet of water. That means I could see the edge of the boat launch pavement, which is as far as I ever cared to walk. I was the only guy there fishing and found fish stacked up on the line where the rivers met, and they were feeling very frisky . I was there for about 3 hours and caught more shad than I have ever encountered before. Once I dialed in to their position and how they wanted to be served I was regularly going 6 or 7 fish for 10 casts. They didn't want any jigging movement of the double dart rig, just reeling it in caught many more fish, and they hammered it more often than not. They preferred the 1/32 trailer dart, which caught 4 fish to every one hitting the larger leader dart. They liked chartreuse and wouldn't touch yellow and red or pink and anything. One guy showed up as I was "one more cast" -ing myself. He said he'd been watching me from over by the fish ladder catching fish. This morning I stopped by again around 10:30 and fished an hour going 4 for 6. I guess it was the Wallenpaupack release that had the water 3 feet higher and brown and it was also carrying a lot more debris. The Lehigh was thundering over the dam. The fish were hitting near the crease where the rivers converged again, but it was a whole different game. Worth the effort for a while, but nothing like yesterday's excellent action. A kibitzer from above told me he'd seen guys hauling in fish earlier in the morning from somewhere above me "in the white water." I never stepped off the asphalt this morning and wasn't about to try anything more adventurous.
whitetail | shohola | Saturday May 19th 6:16 pm
wallenpaupack dam open till at least sometime monday river gonna be rough for awhile.
RPS | Greeley | Saturday May 19th 8:42 am
James their supposed to open the flood gates at Wallenpaupack at noon today going to dump alot of water all at once in the river. Also there was a big fire in Narrowsburg last night right along the river I'm sure we be getting debris and dirty water from that too. Fished Zane Grey Thursday 9:00 - 10:00 am got nothing main river was up and muddy by the Lackawaxen was better but not clear.
James L | Shohola | Friday May 18th 6:30 pm
Fished Matamoras and Sparrowbush today. I managed 4 shad to shore, with a few more hookups. Water was up a bit and had a slight stain. Lot's of those annoying seedpods were coming down river. Nicest part of the night was watching a father son combo get the son his first ever shad.
Tom | Pottstown | Friday May 18th 5:00 pm
Can one of the locals give us an idea of river conditions at Easton?
Pointing Lab | Water Gap | Thursday May 17th 7:14 pm
Got five water was up but fishable. I doubt it will be fishable after tomorrow til middle of next week
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Thursday May 17th 5:20 pm
That last post was me forgetting to sign in again...
| | Thursday May 17th 5:19 pm
I'm going to be in Bethlehem Friday thru Sunday. Can anyone suggest whether the confluence will be fishable within that timeframe? I'm hoping someone can suggest some strategy that doesn't involve risking my life.
Pointing Lab | Water Gap | Thursday May 17th 9:49 am
Is the river fishable in the Water Gap area?
Kurt Miller | Northampton, PA | Tuesday May 15th 2:03 pm
Good theory Dave. I've caught fish a few times when boats cruise by. Could be that the boat noise pushed them into my lane. I've had that happen when shore casting for spring browns on Lake Ontario too. Boats would go by, and we'd hook up. Lots of good theories out there for sure. All boils down to being in the right place at the right time. But, that could be oversimplifying things a bit. Tight lines Capt!
Capt. Dave | | Tuesday May 15th 1:30 pm
Kurt...had that happen a few times too. How many times did you have a boat come close bye and you catch a fish. That happens ALOT!!! Maybe catching them every time you move has more to do with stirring them up with the motor???
Kurt G. Miller | Northampton, PA | Tuesday May 15th 9:59 am
Hi Riverwolf. Strange indeed. Had it happen about 20 years ago in Bushkill. Could never figure out out. I guess sometimes you just have to move. Strange because the fish are migrating. Not like finding a honey hole in a lake and spooking the bass, or whatever fish are there.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Tuesday May 15th 2:01 am
Hey Kurt.....We experienced the exact same thing as you did....every time we moved caught a fish then nothing....interesting......
WG | | Monday May 14th 7:07 pm
Fishing report 5/13/18 tried two hours around lambertville area landing 1 beat hickory and a walleye. Went downstream to a fast water area just north of Trenton, found s good sized school of shad in very mixed condition. In 3 hours castung double dart rig, I landed 25 Americans, 2 hickory shad and countless (more than 50 ) stripers mostly 6-10 inches. If the 25 Americans, 3 were spawned and very skinny, 6 were very fresh light colored green colored, and the rest were darker purple and yellowish indicating that they were spawning/not migrating shad. Other than the 3 spawned our ones, the rest were full of eggs and strong. I was honestly surprised that I found so many fresh ones this “late” in the season! Still seems to be some fresh ones migrating north...water temp 60.
Capt Dave | | Monday May 14th 5:00 pm
Jack...there’s something to be said for beginners luck! Lol
Kurt G. Miller | Northampton, PA | Monday May 14th 1:38 pm
Not one of my better days on Sunday with my buddy, Art. The effort was there, but fish didn't want what I offered. Although, we did hook up on a nice variety of colors, all on gold spoons. Each time I relocated to another spot, we hooked right up, then nothing. Maybe I should have relocated more often. My buddy, Jay fished north of us and did much better. I guess I wasn't doing the right thing.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Sunday May 13th 8:38 pm
Fished just south of Easton Saturday landed 33 lost about 10 in 5hrs...went back today and only landed 4...what a difference a day makes...same spot...River is in good shape water temp was 57...
Kevin | Yardley | Sunday May 13th 7:30 pm
Landed 7shad and one herring this am for a few hrs of fishing. All on plug rigs and in 5ft of water. Temp 60.2.Overcast, drizzle then rain cut the day short. Tight lines and see u on the river.
ShadHarris | Smithfield area - boat | Sunday May 13th 1:53 pm
Took a German exchange student out yesterday 1:30pm between the storms - the boy never fished before in his life, but was placed here locally in Blairstown by my girlfriend. We netted 10 in a few hours mostly roe, and he got to land 7 of them so a real good experience. His very first fish of his life was a 5.8lb roe which was a legit money fish for the bi-state! LOL For having never reeled a fish in before, it took a lot of coaching in heavy current to coax that gal into the net. He even got to experience 3 on at once - but action was sporadic at best. By end of the trip he was a pro at fighting fish, learning how to fight with the rod and only using the reel to collect line when the fish is giving back (and not just reeling continually against the drag which is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me).
James L | Shohola | Sunday May 13th 1:23 pm
Fished Maramoras from 9-10:30. Had a boat marking a lot of shad in the area, but they didn't catch any fish, and only one bank angler got one. River was down to 53, while two days ago it was almost 65.
Capt Dave | Easton | Saturday May 12th 8:44 pm
Fished Easton today with my nephew from about 10:00 to 3:30 landed 16 lost at least a dozen. Water was 60.5 and clean! Some nice roes up to 4.75 maybe. Sean over from me had at least 30. Left before the storms rolled in. A great day to be out.
Kurt Miller | Northampton, PA | Saturday May 12th 5:18 pm
Not a great day. Slow start, but got busier in the afternoon. Most fish came on plug rigs with various colors on gold spoons. The guy next to me was doing much better than me. I hate it when someone shows me up. But, he was a nice guy, so good for him, tough luck for me. I'll have to try harder.......GRRRRRR! Tight lines guys!
onemoreshad | Hatfield | Saturday May 12th 3:19 pm
STILL COMING!! Fished New Hope this morning from 7:30 to 1:30. Went 28 for 40 but still no giants. Had some high 4's but nothing over 5. Talked to a guy and said he caught a couple strippers about 1/2 mile south above dam . Tight lines always!! Shawn
Mike Ferrarp | Conowingo | Saturday May 12th 10:30 am
Fish below the dam for a couple of hours yesterday. Only managed one Hickory and a 20 inch striper fishing the fly rod. Other fellas spin fishing weren't doing very well either. I tried Deer Creek as well and didn't do a thing there nor did I see anything from the Stafford Bridge.
Dan | Bangor | Friday May 11th 11:27 pm
Fished Belvidere tonight 6pm-8pm caught 7 and 1 smallmouth on spoons
Pointing Lab | Water Gap | Friday May 11th 10:26 pm
Fished Water Gap from4:30 to 7 and got 18
Kurt Miller | Northampton, PA | Friday May 11th 9:57 pm
Fished in Jay's boat and had a nice day above Easton. On and off day but ended up with 30 landed. Had a fair amount of quick strikes mixed in. Had to find the right colors today, as the fish kept changing their minds. Downriggers were good to start the day. Then plug rigs took over for the most part.
Pete | | Friday May 11th 9:38 pm
South of reigelsville 2:00-6:00. 10 or so on spoons/ downriggers right on the bottom in 6’. 5# striper and a Smallie. Water temp 63 deg.
whitetail | shohola | Friday May 11th 9:11 pm
5 shad and a smallmouth tonite divers been spotty all week
James L | Shohola | Friday May 11th 7:41 pm
Fished Matamoras this morning from 5am-8am, two shad. Figured I'd try again in the afternoon, fished 3:30-6, only managed 1. Here's hoping for the right amount of rain tomorrow to help out us shore guys.
RPS | Greeley | Friday May 11th 8:30 am
Fished Zane Grey this morning 6:30 - 8:00 not a bump but almost no rock snot.
John Graber | Shohola/Barryville | Thursday May 10th 4:35 pm
Fished last night and caught 5. Caught 2 night before and 5 Sunday morning.
cottontop | Branchville,NJ | Thursday May 10th 8:51 am
Fished above Dingman's area last night. 59 degree water, boated 22 along with one nice smallmouth. Everything was caught on plug rigs. Aggressive fish, had about 7 that swallowed the spoon completely.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 9th 8:58 pm
Fished Zane Grey 3:30 - 6:30 pm caught 1 lots of rock snot had to clean darts every cast.
Kevin | Yardley | Wednesday May 9th 7:27 pm
Fished today from 630am to 1pm. Landed 40 shad all on plug rigs. Fish are higher in the channel now due to warm water. 64 degrees today in 5ft, River had dropped due to lack of rain. River dirty up some and had to check lines frequently. Mostly smaller fish now..end of the run will be coming soon in the lower river. Tight lines and see u on the river.
Fish Whisperer | Water gap | Wednesday May 9th 5:44 pm
Fished- Wednesday- May9- from 6am-2pm- Caught 6- All roe- small ones- between 4-4 1/2 lbs. Took a ride on way back home- Doesn't anyone fish the Pennsylvania side by the Portland Power Plant anymore????
Tom | Trenton | Wednesday May 9th 3:22 am
Fished in Trenton on May 8 at 7:00-8:30 am on an incoming tide, and caught 1 shad and 6-8 herring. Also fished from 1:00-2:30 pm outgoing tide and caught 2 shad and 4-6 herring It's taking a lot more casts to catch the shad now. The game warden has been very active in my area...don't keep any herring! If you do it cost you $50 a fish.
ShadHarris | | Tuesday May 8th 7:24 am
Dave was definitely your spoon but an older model and smaller than the candy corn you gave me. The candy corn worked good in Lambertville along with your staple orange and black on silver